Why I Love Belkin

I am a big fan of Belkin brand! I am not sure if you too fall in this category or not, but I am always amazed by their "cool" products. Long long ago, I was looking for a gadget or some sort of transceiver than can transfer and receive all formats of audio and video signals (composite, S-Video and component) from the source to the receiver (a TV) kept in another room. Obviously I didn't want to run lengthy wires between the source and the receiver. After some Internet search I came across Belkin's PureAV RemoteTV, - exactly what I was looking for. The love with Belkin brand started then but it was not possible to ship the product outside the US despite my desperation and only ended with disappointment. Since then I have been using many products of them (their N+ ADSL modem + router, iPhone sleeve J, 8-port Ethernet switch, N+ WiFi USB adapter, powered 7-port USB hub and power surge protector all found a place at my home). Though Belkin entered Indian market about two years ago, only limited products of them are available. All right, why am I telling all these now? Well, I had been looking for a Bluetooth audio receiver and of course came across few products from Sony and others. The intention was to play music from my laptop, Mac or mobile phone on my home theater via a Bluetooth receiver connected to the AV receiver.

Though Sony's Indian website mentioned about a Bluetooth transmitter/receiver, it is still not available in any retail shop. Yesterday when I was buying some MacBook accessories, I accidently found a Belkin Bluetooth receiver!! J Bought it immediately and hooked it up with my AV receiver. My yet another search ended and wish fulfilled by Belkin! J

[Product image courtesy: Belkin.com]

[I am no way related to the Belkin, the company. I don't work for them nor do I resell their products. I am just one happy consumer of their products!]

Published Sun, Oct 10 2010 14:58 by Siva M
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