What keeps you awake?

Okay I've heard the argument against Vista's UAC "but you don't connect to umpteen networks as a consultant" and "I have work to do" and "I clicked it 100 times a day untill I turned it off" and I'm like... okay.. so?

What's so wrong about a click?  If Vista's UAC is so annoying to you that you can't click through a UAC warning, what else do you find annoying?  Do you find cleaning up malware annoying too?  Perhaps investigating if a workstation is a bot controlled by Russians?  Do you find antivirus that is only cleaning/finding stuff some of the time annoying too? 

If the IT industry is concerned about "Zero Day attacks" why aren't you just as concerned when an IT professional says "I found it annoying and shut off UAC" and thereby turned off COMPLETELY the IE in protected mode.

What keeps me awake at night is that I see many IT professionals (and by default each one of you is a security professional as well) say that they get "annoyed" by UAC, and yet in the same breath complain about security, patching, etc.  It's your choice to make. Your risk analysis to choose.  IE in protected mode, or not.

The IT industry is concerned about zero day attacks, and yet I hear the "it's too annoying" regarding UAC.  It's a click folks..or a couple of clicks.. or a 100 clicks that take a milisecond of time out of our lives.  Why is that so annoying?  Especially when on a normal Vista users box at home I'm not seeing these prompts?

What's more annoying?  A protected machine or an owned system you have to notify clients about and clean up?

P.S. Like I said before...if you are going to shut it off.. at least do this way instead.

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