x64 Vista Beta 2 and SBS

You can’t join an x64 Vista computer to your SBS Premium network using connectcomputer, and you can’t even do it manually if you’re running the default ISA configuration. The solution is:

  1. Open the ISA Management GUI
  2. Scroll down to Configuration->Add-ins
  3. Highlight “RPC Filter” in the Application Filters tab, and click Disable in the action pane.
  4. Click the Apply button, and agree to stop and restart the service.
  5. You can now join the x64 client to the SBS network manually.

This has been reported to MS and will be solved before Vista ships. But until it is, you’ll have problems. I have successfully run with the RPC filter re-enabled after the computer was on the domain, but did experience intermittent problems I couldn’t identify. Since I turned the filter back off, I haven’t seen as many problems.

Charlie Russel
Microsoft Windows Small Business Server R2 Administrator’s Companion

Published Thu, Jun 8 2006 6:16 by Charlie Russel