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Dynamic friends list with Whooiz and Ajax

Whooiz is changing. They have a new logo, they're dropping the capital H (but it might take a bit of time for this one to go through), and the widgets are now much more dynamic. So in my blog (if you're reading this from elsewhere, go to http://msmvps...
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Customising the wHooiz Friendz list

If you look at Nick's blog , you'll see that he has a lot more wHooiz Friendz than me. That's probably because he's a lot more popular than I am. But also, I filter my list to show only a few. If you refresh the page, you'll see more. You'll also notice...
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Oh, that's how you do Whooiz with Community Server...

When I first put the link to the bit of script to list my Whooiz Friendz, it didn't work. It would just display as the link. Seems <script would be replaced with &lt;script - but there's an answer!
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Whooiz my Friendz?

Observant people will have noticed a friend-list appear on the side of my blog. Changing my blog around is way overdue for me. I need to take a few hours out some time and work on the CSS. I still don't have all the useful stuff that I had at my old blog...
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