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SQL Server 2008 PowerShell SnapIn

Installing SQL Server 2008 gives you SQLPS.exe, an application you can run which is a PowerShell including the PSDrives for SQL Server (and compatible with SQL Server 2005 as well!). But how do you make this work with your current copy of PowerShell?...

Using ScriptingOptions with SQLPS

I've written before that SQL Server 2008 (February CTP) gives you SQLPS - a PowerShell interface to SQL Server. So I was trying to get the ScriptingOptions happening, and this is the only way I've found so far. It's ugly, and if you have a...

Two ways to find / drop a default constraint without knowing its name

So suppose you've created a default constraint without specifying the name (on a SQL Server 2005 machine). You do know the table and column, of course - you just don't have the name of the default constraint. Now you want to find the name so that...
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Powershell script from my SQL presentation

Last week I presented at my user-group about PowerShell and why every DBA should know this. The talk went for just over an hour, and as most of the audience hadn't used PowerShell at all, I started from the top and really pushed concepts like "You pipe...
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PowerShell and SQL

Because I've been playing with PowerShell more and more recently, I'm going to do a talk at my user-group about it next week. Should be a lot of fun, and a great excuse to get deeper into the technology over the weekend. One thing that I think is really...
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