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Cricket PowerGadget

I was thinking about PowerShell and how you can get it to do fantastic things. And I wondered how easily it could be used for scraping cricket scores . So I threw together four lines of code to grab the cricket scoreboard from cricinfo and rip out the...
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Cricket gadget

Being English, I'm finding this Ashes series quite depressing. I updated the Wikipedia site to say that Australia had won the series 3-0, but took no joy in doing so. It's not often you get to update Wikipedia with information about a live event - but...
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Whooiz my Friendz?

Observant people will have noticed a friend-list appear on the side of my blog. Changing my blog around is way overdue for me. I need to take a few hours out some time and work on the CSS. I still don't have all the useful stuff that I had at my old blog...
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