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Seriously cheap exams in Australia

If you’re an MCP in Australia and you haven’t passed any exams over the past couple of years (since July 1, 2007), then Microsoft has an offer at the moment to let you do an exam for only US$25 (until June 30, 2009). Ok, so that means the price really...

Time zone limbo

Australia is currently in an interesting week for time zones. Up until a couple of years ago, Daylight Savings finished on the last Sunday in March. That’s when the clocks got put back to Standard Time, as the Australian summer ended. Last year though...
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Presenting at ADNUG this week

I haven't been to ADNUG for a while. I love that the group is there, but over the past year or more, I haven't prioritised getting to the meetings. I've been to meetings of equivalent groups in Melbourne and Sydney, but not to the Adelaide...
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Improving Your T-SQL Arsenal - slides

I've given this presentation a couple of times at user-groups now - last week in Adelaide, and this week in Melbourne. I posted the scripts to my blog recently, making them available to people who heard this talk at TechEd Australia at the start of...


TechEd AU this week. I'm giving a talk on "T-SQL Tips n Techniques: Improving Your T-SQL Arsenal" on Friday morning. The slides are available from CommNet for people registered, but the scripts are here as well. Come along to the talk to...
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SQL and Virtual Earth

A while back I was talking to Bronwen Zande, of Brisbane-based SoulSolutions and GeekGirlBlogs . Anyway, she and her partner John are big fans of Virtual Earth . As it's well publicised that SQL Server 2008 will have new spatial types , including...
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SQL Down Under talks, and England wins

This weekend is getting better and better. With England winning in both the football and the rugby , my mood is pretty good anyway - despite having to give the first presentation of Sunday morning at the SQL Down Under Code Camp . The local TV channel...
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SQL Down Under Code Camp begins

Two days of intensive SQL Server training , thanks to experts from around Australia and Kevin Kline from the US. All the Australian SQL Server MVPs are coming (five here so far, two more coming soon). The coffee is great (thanks Peter ), the company is...
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Free SQL training at events in the UK and Australia

...and I'm not even referring to the User Groups which run regularly. The ones I'm referring to are SQLBits and the SQL Down Under Code Camp . SQLBits was in the UK last weekend, and was a massive success. I would've loved to have been able...

My favourite thing about SQL Server 2008

A few people have asked me what my favourite thing is in SQL Server 2008 ("Katmai"). But my favourite thing isn't actually a feature at all, it's a mindset that Microsoft are taking with it. This mindset is "We will only put features...
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Only 71 people have MCITP:BI

Mitch Wheat sent me this. According to , there are only 71 people in the world (well, at the end of June) who have achieved MCITP:BI. This means passing the two exams 70-445 and 70-446. You could be...

Code Camps galore

We all know that Adelaide hosted Code Camp SA recently - it was a great success, and some people even wished I was there ! TechEd is coming up of course, but now there are two code camps scheduled for October, on the same weekend (13-14) and at the same...

Darren Gosbell in Adelaide on July 12th

What a great week for Adelaide having Australian SQL MVPs presenting! Code Camp SA on the weekend of July 7th and 8th features the Gregs (Linwood and Low), and BI expert Darren Gosbell will be coming to speak to the Adelaide SQL Server User Group the...
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70-431 exam tips, and congrats to Jos Verbaken - MCTS

Jos Verbaken was a student of mine a few weeks ago. He lives in Ballarat, and is known around the Melbourne SQL Server User Group circles. He did the 5-day course 2780 - Maintaining a Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Database . During the course, I encouraged...

New Solid Quality MVPs

Seems Solid Quality Learning have a few new SQL MVPs. Aussie Peter Myers , Randy Dyess and Andy Leonard have all been rewarded. Congrats guys!
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My first Solid Quality course is scheduled

If you're in Melbourne during the last week of March and want to learn about how to effectively write queries for SQL Server, then this course is for you. The course was written by Itzik Ben-Gan , who is one of the legends in the SQL Server world (and...
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Adelaide SQL UG this week

This Thursday Greg Linwood of Solid Quality Learning is coming to the Adelaide SQL Server User Group to talk present about Performance Tuning. It should be a great time. Greg does a lot for the SQL Community in Australia, and it will be really good to...
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Office 2007 RTM today, great time for a talk about it and SQL!

Office 2007 has RTM'd today, and this includes Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007. This is great timing, with Grant Paisley coming to Adelaide to give his talk about integrating BI and MOSS. This is a great talk, and if you're going to be...
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The horror of daylight savings (sorry Perth)

I have friends in Perth, who I have always envied for the fact that they don't apply daylight savings there. For anyone who somehow has no idea what I'm talking about... because the days are long in the summer, many countries in the world apply...
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