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ALM Rangers sim-ship guidance with the VS11 RC
Fri, Jun 1 2012 2:50
I am really proud to have been involved in the team of ALM Rangers who have SIM ultaneous- SHIP ped best practice guidance with Visual Studio 11 RC , which became available last night . I am sure anyone working with Visual Studio and TFS will find the guidance of value, I have certainly learned a lot whilst helping produce the material. It has been a great experience... Read More...
Speaking on the 15th Feb at the NE Bytes user group on “TFS for Everyone”
Wed, Feb 8 2012 4:23
I will be speaking at the NE Bytes user group next Wednesday (the 15th of Feb) on ‘TFS for Everyone’. This a session based on the guest blog post on the UK Visual Studio blog  I did on how TFS is not just for .NET developers. It can be used from a whole range of development platforms and operating systems. I will be including demos using Eclipse and Ubuntu... Read More...
Filtering in MDX Calculated Members
Sat, Feb 4 2012 4:28
BI development is not something I do that often, but from time to time you need to develop a custom report in TFS. I recently had to battle a MDX problem that someone who does more BI development I am sure why have had no issue with; but as with most of these blog posts (or my long term memory as I think of it) I thought it worth a post in case it helps anyone... Read More...