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New video on unit testing in VS2012 and TFS
Mon, Oct 8 2012 7:23
A video has just be uploaded that I did on the new unit testing features in Visual Studio  and TFS 2012. This is quick 10 minute introduction to some of the material I will be covering at DDDNorth next weekend . Hope you find it useful Read More...
TFS Test Agent cannot connect to Test Controller – Part 2
Mon, Oct 1 2012 16:33
I posted last week on the problems I had had getting the test agents and controller in a TFS2012 Standard environment talking to each other and a workaround. Well after a good few email with various people at Microsoft and other consultants at Black Marble I have a whole range of workarounds solutions. First a reminder of my architecture, and note that this could... Read More...
Unit testing in VS11Beta and getting your tests to run on the new TFSPreview build service
Tue, Mar 27 2012 15:23
One of my favourite new features in VS11 is that the unit testing is pluggable. You don’t have to use MSTest, you can use any test framework that an adaptor is available for (at the release of the beta this meant the list of framworks on Peter Provost’s blog , but I am sure this will grow). So what does this mean and how do you use it? Add some tests First it... Read More...