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Team Explorer Everywhere is now free
Fri, Mar 9 2012 3:24
It was announced overnight that TEE is now free . What does this mean? It means if you do not have to buy TEE as some extra software if you already have a TFS CAL. This removed a barrier to adoption for developers who work in heterogeneous systems, there is no extra cost to integrate Eclipse as well a Visual Studio with TFS . If you want to find out more about... Read More...
Free webinar on Team Explorer Everywhere on the 19th of March
Mon, Mar 5 2012 14:09
I recently did a guest post for the VSTS UK Team Blog on Team Explorer Everywhere . On the 19th of March I will be doing a free webinar on the same subject. To register for this event please see the Black Marble web site. Read More...
Thanks to everyone who came to my session at NEBytes last night
Thu, Feb 16 2012 4:57
Thanks to everyone who attended my session at NEBytes last night, sorry I had to rush away. As my session was demo based I don’t have much in the way of slides to upload, but if you want to find out more have a look at my guest blog post on the UK Visual Studio blog on ‘TFS for Everyone’ . Also keep an eye on the Black Marble site for upcoming free webinar sessions... Read More...