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And eScrum is no more
Tue, Jul 7 2009 4:05
I have posted in the past about the TFS 2005 and 2008 Process Template eScrum from Microsoft; a template we use internally for a number of Agile projects. Well today it has been removed from the Microsoft download sites. It was decided a while ago that it would not be updated to support TFS2010 and has been removed to avoid any confusion over whether it is support... Read More...
VSTS 2010 at the PDC
Mon, Oct 27 2008 19:59
Though not really mentioned in the keynote there are a lot of sessions on VSTS 2010 at the PDC; it is going to be a major really major release. Chatting in between the sessions with other delegates there seems to loads of interest in the new testing features, but we know this is pain point from meetings . It will be interesting to see how these new tools... Read More...
TFS Iterations not appearing in IterationPath
Thu, Oct 16 2008 7:35
I have been working on site that has had to do a disaster recovery of their TFS application tier (AT) due to hardware failure. For a short period they have had to use a spare PC as their AT. Due to the hast required to get the developers working this AT was only configured to for source control and work item editing. So I was onsite to put the proper replacement... Read More...
eScrum 1,1 available
Thu, Aug 21 2008 3:23
For those who have not seen it eScrum 1.1 is now available. This basically a update for the installer so it works on VS2008 so you don't have to go through all the manual fiddling you had to in the past . So if you want a nice simple agile team project process, with a nice web site to give progress visibility, give it a look. Read More...


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