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Now that VS11 has a fake library do I still need Typemock Isolator to fake out SharePoint?
Fri, Mar 23 2012 12:16
I have done posts in the past about how you can use Typemock Isolator to fake out SharePoint to speed design and testing . The  reason you need special tooling, beyond standard mocking frameworks like Rhino or MOQ, is that SharePoint has many sealed private classes with no public constructors. So in the past you only had two options: Typemock Isolator and... Read More...
Why can’t I see my custom work item types in Team Explorer?
Wed, Sep 14 2011 8:40
If you are editing a TFS process template you have the choice editing XML files or using the Process Template Editor within the TFS 2010 PowerTools. Unfortunately neither is fool proof. You can make errors than means the revised template does not fully work. The worst of these errors will be picked up when upload the process template to a Team project Collection... Read More...
Professional Foundation Server 2010
Wed, Apr 27 2011 9:15
Over the holiday I have been reading Professional Foundation Server 2010 by Ed Blankenship, Martin Woodward, Grant Holiday and Brian Keller , yes I know how to have time off and have fun! So who is this book for? It is a comprehensive guide to TFS 2010, the components and their usage, but this does not mean the book is only for teams new to TFS or people planning... Read More...
PDC 2010 thoughts - the next morning
Fri, Oct 29 2010 4:02
I sat in the office yesterday with a beer in my hand watching the PDC2010 keynote . I have to say I preferred this to the option of a flight, jet lag and a less than comfortable seat in a usually overly cooled conference hall. With the Silverlight streaming the experience was excellent, especially as we connected an Acer 1420P to our projector/audio via a single... Read More...
Visual Studio 2010 Lab Management released announced
Fri, Aug 13 2010 4:49
In the VSLive! keynote Microsoft made announcements about Lab Management, it will be RTM’d later this month and best of all it will be included as part of the benefits of the Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate with MSDN and Visual Studio Test Professional 2010 with MSDN SKUs. You can read more detail on Brian Keller’s blog I think this is a great move on licensing,... Read More...
Looking for a good overview of Visual Studio 2010 and ALM?
Mon, May 17 2010 14:09
Visual Studio 2010 provides many new features to aid Application Lifecycle Management. Learning its capabilities can be a bit daunting, especially if you are new to Team Foundation Server. So enter the new book ‘ Professional Application Lifecycle Management with Visual Studio 2010: with Team Foundation Server 2010 ’ by Mickey Gousset, Brian Keller, Ajoy Krishnamoorthy... Read More...
At last, my creature it lives……..
Fri, Feb 5 2010 5:32
I have at last worked all the way through setting up my portable end to end demo of  testing using Windows Test and Lab Manager . The last error I had to resolve was the tests not running in the lab environment (though working locally on the development PC). My the Lab Workflow build was recorded as a partial success i.e. it built, it deployed but all the... Read More...
The setup story for TFS 2010
Wed, May 27 2009 15:09
I have been looking at the various install and upgrade stories for the TFS 2010 Beta. I have to say they are very nice compared to the older TFS versions. You now have a SharePoint like model where you install the product then use a separate configuration tool to upgrade or setup the features required. There are plenty of places to verify your setting as you... Read More...
Holiday is when you catch up…..
Fri, Apr 10 2009 9:22
I got round to listening to the latest Radio TFS podcast today whist our for a run, Adopting Team System with Steve Borg . If you are looking at adopting TFS or even just critically looking at your development life cycle with a view to improving (irrespective of the tools you use), then this podcast is well worth the time to listen to. It actually covers a lot... Read More...
Book Review 'Software Testing with Visual Studio Team System 2008'
Thu, Apr 2 2009 11:08
A book arrived recently on my desk 'Software Testing with Visual Studio Team System 2008' by Subashni. S and N Satheesh Kumar . On reading the book it provides a workmanlike coverage of the testing features of Visual Studio 2008 including some of the API options in the testing namespace, but I can't see what it adds to the subject beyond what is a... Read More...
Blend and Source control
Thu, Sep 18 2008 6:50
It is all well and good Microsoft saying that a developers and designer can share the same project WPF/Silverlight files in Visual Studio and Expression Blend , but whilst Blend does not have the ability to use a source control repository (TFS, SVN or anything else for that matter) and actually strips out any source control binding it finds in a project file... Read More...
Bug tracking with TFS
Sun, Jul 6 2008 17:37
I have posted in the past about my efforts to write a user facing bug tracking interface for TFS to integrate with our SharePoint based customer portal. I have had some mixed success , but the end point is that I am just not happy with what I have written. Historically we have used our own home grown call tracking system (started as an Access DB, went via VB6... Read More...


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