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Typemock Isolator 6.2 released–now with TFS2010 build support
Mon, Nov 21 2011 9:00
Typemock have recently released a new version of Isolator, 6.2. As well as the usual fixes and enhancements you would expect, this is the first version to support TFS 2010 team build out the box. Prior to this release Typemock supported MSBuild based TFS builds (2005/2008) but not the Windows Workflow based version in TFS 2010. The issue was that in TFS 2010... Read More...
Access denied when running a command with InvokeProcess in a TFS team build
Fri, Nov 18 2011 10:33
When you are trying to run a command line tool via the InvokeProcess activity in a TFS 2010 Team build you might see the somewhat confusing ‘Access denied’ error. There appears to be no more detail in the log. I have found that this is usually down to a type on the filename property of the activity. It should be set to something like “c:\my tools\tool.exe” but... Read More...
Using Nuget and TFS Build 2010
Mon, Oct 17 2011 5:38
At one of our recent events I was asked if I had any experience using Nuget within a TFS 2010 build. At the time I had not, but I thought it worth a look. For those of you who don’t know Nuget is a package manager that provides a developer with a way to manage assembly references in a project for assemblies that are not within their solution. It is most commonly... Read More...
Documentation for the PowerShell activity in the TFS Community Build Extensions published
Mon, Oct 3 2011 15:43
I have just published documentation for the PowerShell activity in the TFS Community Build extensions . This opens up a whole range of possibilities for your build process. Off to look at using it for SharePoint deployment now….. Read More...
Seeing loads of ‘cannot load load assemblies’ errors when editing a TFS 2010 build process workflow
Mon, Oct 3 2011 6:47
I have been following the process in the ALM Rangers build guide and in the Community Build Extensions to edit a build process workflow. Now I am sure this process was working until recently on my PC (but we all say that don’t we!), but of late I have found that when the .XAML workflow is loaded into Visual Studio I see loads of warning icons. If I check the... Read More...
Just posted VirtualPC activity documentation for TFS 2010 Community Build Extensions
Tue, Sep 27 2011 9:18
I have just posted new VirtualPC activity documentation for TFS 2010 Community Build Extensions . This has been a really nasty set of documentation to write as getting this activity running raises a lot of issues over COM security; thanks to Rik and Andy (our SharePoint specialists at Black Marble who are therefore used to COM problems!) who helped get to the... Read More...
Syncing the build number and assembly version numbers in a TFS build when using the TFSVersion activity
Mon, Sep 26 2011 13:42
I was asked recently if it was possible to make the TFS build number the same format as the assembly build number when you are using the TFSVersion community extension . The answer is yes and no; the issue is that the build drop location in the standard build process template is create before any files are got into the workspace from source control. So at this... Read More...
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More documentation for the TFS 2010 community build extensions
Sat, Sep 24 2011 14:03
Today I have posted a few more pages of the getting started documentation for the TFS 2010 community build extensions . This is an on-going task, I hope to get a few more written when I get a chance. I am writing the documentation in no obvious order, so let me know if any specific activity is in more need of some introductory level documentation than others... Read More...
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New Release of the Community TFS 2010 Build Extensions
Fri, Sep 23 2011 2:42
Mike Fourie has just announced that we’ve just shipped the second stable release of the Community TFS 2010 Build Extensions . Well worth a look if you need to customised your TFS 2010 build with any of the following AssemblyInfo BuildReport BuildWorkspace CodeMetric DateAndTime Email File GetBuildController GetBuildDefinition GetBuildServer GetWebAccessUrl Guid... Read More...
What to do when your TFS build agent says it is ready, but the icon says it is not
Sat, Sep 17 2011 15:10
When using TFS2010 It is possible for a build agent to appear to be ready (or so the status label says) but the icon stays in the off state. This is usually due to a couple of broad categories of error, you can find out which by checking the Windows event log. The build agent cannot communicate with the controller In the event log you see something like Service... Read More...
New TFS 2010 Community TFS Build Extension documentation – nUnit
Fri, Aug 19 2011 3:17
I have just posted new ‘ how to use it 101’ documentation for the nUnit activity on the community extensions site. Read More...
New TFS 2010 Community TSF Build Extension documentation – TFSVersion
Thu, Aug 18 2011 15:40
I have just posted new ‘ how to use it 101’ documentation for the TFSVersion activity on the community extensions site. Read More...
More on using the StyleCop TFS 2010 Build Activity– handling settings files
Tue, Aug 16 2011 11:00
In a recent build I wanted a bit more control over rules used by StyleCop; in the past I have just tended to have the correct ruleset in the Program Files\StyleCop directory and be done with that. This time I wanted to make sure different rules were associated with different given solutions. The StyleCop build activity does allow for this; there is a property... Read More...
Do you find editing TFS Build Process Templates slow?
Tue, Aug 9 2011 8:41
… of course you do. Microsoft have today released a patch to improve performance and reliability of workflow designer which should help with the Build Process Template design surface. See Buck Hodges blog for details Read More...
More tips and tricks using my Typemock custom build activity with TFS 2010 build
Tue, Jul 26 2011 7:54
Every time I add the Typemock Isolator custom activity to a TFS 2010 build I learn something new that eases the process. In the past I have posted on the basic process to get the activity into your build, and I would also draw your attention to the ALM rangers guide to build customisation , which provides loads of useful information on this front. Today, when... Read More...
More on running multiple TFS build controllers on a single VM
Mon, Jul 25 2011 10:05
I have been having a on-going project to run multiple build controllers on a single VM . Today I needed to reconfigure a on of the controllers to point at a different TPC. You have to do this the correct way to avoid problems. My error log was full of Http communication failure: Exception Message: Cannot listen on pipe name 'net.pipe://build/ServiceHost/1'... Read More...
First Stable Release of Community TFS 2010 Build Extensions
Tue, Jul 5 2011 4:44
The first stable release of the Community TFS Build Extensions has been shipped. It contains around 100 activities. It is hopped that this project will be be shipping on a 2 to 3 month cycle in the future. So have a look, this project provides many ways to extend your build process. And if you have ideas for more activities why not contribute? Read More...
ALM Ranger’s Build Customization Guidance has shipped
Sun, Jun 19 2011 15:13
I am really please to say that the first ALM Rangers project I have been involved with, the Build Customization Guidance, has shipped. The project had the primary goal of delivering scenario based and hands-on lab guidance for the customization and deployment of Team Foundation Build 2010 activities such as versioning, code signing, and branching. You can find... Read More...
Using VSTO to access TFS
Fri, Jun 3 2011 17:40
Have you ever thought ‘ I know that you get the Team ribbon in Excel to manage TFS work items, and I can use Excel to as a SQL/OLAP client to run reports from the TFS warehouse but I want to do more…. ’? Have you every considered using VSTO to create an ActionPane that uses the TFS .NET API? In this example I have created an ActionPane that allows you to select... Read More...
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How to use the TFS 2010 Community StyleCop Build Actvity (Addendum)
Wed, Apr 27 2011 11:04
Recently I posted on How to use the TFS 2010 Community StyleCop Build Activity and I am sure it all sounded very awkward and complex, well it did to me. The point I should have made is that you don’t have to follow this process every time you want to make use of the custom activity. As long as the build process template is the same between to builds you can just... Read More...
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