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TF900548 when using my Typemock 2012 TFS custom build activity
Sat, Mar 23 2013 16:52
Using the Typemock TFS 2012 Build activity I created I had started seen the error TF900548: An error occurred publishing the Visual Studio test results. Details: 'The following id must have a positive value: testRunId.' I thought it might be down to having patched our build boxes to TFS 2012 Update 1, maybe it needed to be rebuild due to some dependency... Read More...
Getting Typemock Isolator running within a TFS 2012 build
Sat, Aug 4 2012 6:01
I have posted in the past about getting Typemock Isolator to function within the TFS build process . In TFS 2008 it was easy , you just ran a couple of MSBUILD tasks that started/stopped the Typemock Isolator inception process (the bit that does the magic other mocking frameworks cannot do). However with TFS 2010’s move to a windows workflow based build model... Read More...
Typemock Isolator 6.2 released–now with TFS2010 build support
Mon, Nov 21 2011 9:00
Typemock have recently released a new version of Isolator, 6.2. As well as the usual fixes and enhancements you would expect, this is the first version to support TFS 2010 team build out the box. Prior to this release Typemock supported MSBuild based TFS builds (2005/2008) but not the Windows Workflow based version in TFS 2010. The issue was that in TFS 2010... Read More...
More tips and tricks using my Typemock custom build activity with TFS 2010 build
Tue, Jul 26 2011 7:54
Every time I add the Typemock Isolator custom activity to a TFS 2010 build I learn something new that eases the process. In the past I have posted on the basic process to get the activity into your build, and I would also draw your attention to the ALM rangers guide to build customisation , which provides loads of useful information on this front. Today, when... Read More...
How to edit a TFS 2010 build template when it contains custom activities.
Fri, Aug 13 2010 7:29
I posted a while ago on u sing my Typemock TMockRunner Custom Activity for Team Build 2010 . I left that post with the problem that if you wished to customise a template after you a had added the custom activity you had to use the somewhat complex branching model edit the XAML. If you just followed the process in my post to put the build template in a new team... Read More...
Using my Typemock TMockRunner Custom Activity for Team Build 2010
Thu, Jul 1 2010 5:25
A couple of months ago I wrote and published a custom activity for Team Build 2010 to allow Typemock tests to be run within the build process . Whilst setting up a new build need to use this activity so I though I would see if there was an easier way to use it in a build without all the branch and fuss required for development . This is what I had to do Get the... Read More...
How little do you have to do to run a VS/TFS2008 build on a TFS2010 server?
Thu, Jun 10 2010 12:10
As do many people I have a good number of TFS2008 style builds for legacy applications. I will, in the end, move these over to VS2010 and hence upgrade their build formats to the new 2010 workflow based one, but for now it would be nice to be able to run them with the minimum of effort. To this end I have done some work to see the minimum I can get away with... Read More...
Announcing Typemock TMockRunner Custom Activity for Team Build 2010
Thu, Mar 25 2010 12:18
My Team Build 2010 custom activity for Typemock Isolator is now available at . It is packaged as a zip which include all the source and a compiled assembly as well a document detailing usage and why the solution is constructed as it is. Hope you find it useful Read More...
Lessons learnt building a custom activity to run Typemock Isolator in VS2010 Team Build
Mon, Mar 8 2010 3:46
I have previously posted on how you can run Typemock Isolator based tests within a VS2010 using the InvokeMethod activity . After this post Gian Maria Ricci, a fellow Team System MVP suggested it would be better to put this functionality in a custom code activity, and provided the basis of the solution. I have taken this base sample and worked it up to be a functional... Read More...


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