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More on using the VS11 fake library to fake out SharePoint
Sat, May 5 2012 9:35
I recently posted on how you could use the new fakes tools in VS11 to fake out SharePoint for testing purposes. I received comments on how I could make my Shim logic easier to read so though I would revisit the post. This led me down a bit of a complex trail, and to Pete Provost for pointing the way out! When I did the previous post I had used SP2007, this was... Read More...
Update on using Typemock Isolator to allow webpart development without a Sharepoint server
Tue, Sep 6 2011 16:56
I have in the past posted about developing SharePoint web parts without having to use a SharePoint server by using Typemock Isolator . This technique relies on using Cassini or IIS Express as the web server to host the aspx page that in turn contains the webpart. This is all well and good for SharePoint 2007, but we get a problem with SharePoint 2010 which seems... Read More...
Doing a webinar on using Typemock Isolator with SharePoint Webparts
Mon, Sep 5 2011 8:50
I am doing a free webinar on Wednesday, September 21, 2011 at 3:00 PM BST with the title "Using Typemock Isolator to speed the development of SharePoint Web Parts". For more details have a look at the details should be up soon Read More...
Problem faking multiple SPLists with Typemock Isolator in a single test
Fri, Sep 10 2010 10:20
I have found a problem with repeated calls to indexed SharePoint Lists with Typemock Isolator 6.0.3. This what I am trying to do… The Problem I am using Typemock Isolator to allow me to develop a SharePoint Webpart outside of the SharePoint environment  (there is a video about this on the Typemock site) . My SharePoint Webpart uses data drawn from a pair... Read More...
Running SPDisposeCheck as part of a 2010 CI Build
Sat, Jul 3 2010 14:47
SPDisposeCheck is a great tool for SharePoint developers to make sure that they are disposing of resources correctly. The problem is it is a bit slow to run, a problem as this will mean developers will tend not to run it as often as they should. A good solution to the problem is to run it as part of the continuous integration process. There is are posts on how... Read More...
IDD Building a breakfast comment to a become process – now there is a leap
Sun, Jun 20 2010 2:48
Gil at Typemock has been posting about some ideas we discussed over breakfast at the Typemock Partner conference a while ago, I have been a bit slow at commenting, so I though I better add to the conversation. Though Typemock is an excellent mocking framework, for me basic mocking is not its biggest win. All the ‘classic auto mocking’ of interfaces to speed TDD... Read More...
Mocking Sharepoint for Testing
Thu, Apr 22 2010 5:47
In my previous post I talked about using Isolator to mock Sharepoint to aid the speed of the development process. I find this a productive way of working, but it does not really help in the realm of automated testing. You need a way to programmatically explore a webpart, preferably outside of SharePoint to check its correctness. You could use the methods in my... Read More...
Post SharePoint Evolution thoughts
Wed, Apr 21 2010 11:01
I am on the way home from my whistle stop visit to the SharePoint Evolution conference . I must say congratulations to the organisers for putting on such a successful event given all the problems they have had related to speakers and air travel, well done. My slides, on Testing Webparts with Typemock, will appear on the conference site soon, but I thought it... Read More...
Post QCon thoughts
Sat, Mar 13 2010 6:10
Interesting time at QCon yesterday, shame I was only there one day, I do like the events that are not limited to a single vendor or technology. The multi presenter session I was involved in on Microsoft interoperability seemed to go well, there is talk of repeating at other events or podcasting. It is a nice format if you can get the sub-sessions linking nicely... Read More...
My Glasgow presentation last night.
Thu, Jul 16 2009 11:04
Thanks to everyone who turned up for my presentation on Typemock and Sharepoint in Glasgow last night. I have just upload my slides onto the Black Marble site . As the session was quite demo driven the slides don’t offer the best code samples. If you want to experiment yourselves I would suggest you look at my related posts on this blog and remember if you don... Read More...
Speaking at Scottish Developers on Typemock
Mon, Jul 13 2009 7:19
On Wednesday the 15th this week I will be speaking at Scottish Developers on developer testing of SharePoint . This is a free event so please come along if you are interested and in the area. If you are not able to make it to Glasgow but are interested in the subject then why not check out Typemock’s free live webinars also on the 15th . . Read More...
Another speaking engagement – Vbug Newcastle on SharePoint Testing
Sat, May 9 2009 10:13
I will be doing a session on Testing SharePoint using Typemock Isolator on the 3rd June in Newcastle. Check the Vbug site for more details. Read More...
My NxtGen tour in August
Wed, Apr 29 2009 10:06
I will be speaking on developer testing of SharePoint projects using Typemock at both the Birmingham and Manchester NXtGen user groups in August. For more details check the NxtGen site . Read More...
Testing SharePoint Workflows using TypeMock Isolator (Part 3)
Tue, Apr 7 2009 10:42
Now I can test a basic workflow it soon becomes obvious that you could end up with many tests for a single workflow, as a workflow can have any number of criteria that could cause branching to occur. Maybe a sensible way to write the tests is using Fit/Fitness to provide the test cases in tabular form? So to this end I have added a bit more code to my Typemock... Read More...
Testing SharePoint Workflows using TypeMock Isolator (Part 2)
Mon, Apr 6 2009 16:48
After reading Gil’s blog on writing simpler tests I have done some tidying of the code from my previous post . In this version I have extracted the boiler plate code to run the workflow to a static helper method and modified my tests to incorporate Gil’s comments, they are certainly more readable. 1: [TestMethod] 2: public void WorkFlowSwitchOnTitle_TitleStartsWithA_SetApprovelFieldAndUpdate... Read More...
Testing SharePoint Workflows using TypeMock Isolator
Fri, Apr 3 2009 11:28
I have for a while been trying to test SharePoint workflows using TypeMock Isolator to mock out the SharePoint fixtures, I want to remove the dependency of having SharePoint on any test boxes where possible. I have at last got this working after getting a new version of TypeMock Isolator 5.3.0 + a fix from the very helpful team at TypeMock My idea was to be able... Read More...
Developer testing of Sharepoint Webparts using Typemock Isolator and Ivonna
Thu, Dec 4 2008 8:20
I have previously written a post on using Isolator with Sharepoint , also Andrew Woodward has written a good and more detailed tutorial on the subject , so I don’t intend to go over old ground here. Want I want to look in this post is the testing of webparts. A webpart, whether in Sharepoint or not is fundamentally a data viewer, something is rendered to HTML... Read More...
Interesting news on test SharePoint
Tue, Nov 25 2008 6:48
Typemock announced today a new product Isolator for Sharepoint – which allows unit testing of Sharepoint code without needing Sharepoint installed. Now this is something I have been using the full version of Isolator for of late , and there are more blog posts on the way from me, so watch this space. So if you are a Sharepoint developer this is an important product... Read More...
TypeMock Isolator, SPTypeMock and SharePoint testing
Thu, Nov 13 2008 7:01
I had to work unexpectedly from home yesterday, this has given me a chance to look at TypeMock Isolator and SPTypeMock to aid in the testing of SharePoint without the normal disturbances of being in the office. First thing I have to say is TypeMock is an amazing tool, OK it costs some money, unlike RhinoMocks , but it’s ability to mock out sealed classes that... Read More...
Going to conferences is worth it, well the chats in the corridor certainly are.
Tue, Nov 4 2008 16:54
I am down in Reading for the VBug conference where I am speaking on TFS tomorrow. Whilst in the bar chatting to Roy Osherove from Typemock, the keynote speaker for the conference, he asked if I had looked at the Sharepoint patterns and practices document that details using Typemock Isolator for unit testing in Sharepoint. On a first look it seems very interesting;... Read More...


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