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New video on unit testing in VS2012 and TFS
Mon, Oct 8 2012 7:23
A video has just be uploaded that I did on the new unit testing features in Visual Studio  and TFS 2012. This is quick 10 minute introduction to some of the material I will be covering at DDDNorth next weekend . Hope you find it useful Read More...
DDD South West session on Unit testing in VS11
Sat, May 26 2012 7:04
Thanks to everyone who attended my session at DDDSW today. The session was completely demo driven so no slides to share, but the contents of the session is covered in the blog posts Unit testing in VS11Beta and getting your tests to run on the new TFSPreview build service Now that VS11 has a fake library do I still need Typemock Isolator to fake out SharePoint... Read More...
Follow up to last nights session on mocking
Fri, Jul 22 2011 6:17
Thanks to everyone who came to my session at NxtGen in Southampton last night, and congratulation to the people who won Typemock Isolator licenses kindly provided by Typemock . The session was meant to be based on TDD and Mocking, quite a big subject for 90 minutes. I of course had to gloss over some areas that are interesting around the edges of this subject... Read More...
My upcoming speaking engagements for Spring/Summer 2011
Tue, May 3 2011 6:50
I have a couple of community speaking engagements coming up May 11 BCS Edinburgh on Agile Methods July 11 NxtGen Southampton on Test Driven development and mocking Both are free, so if you are in the either area, I would be surprised if you were at both given the locations, I hope you can come along Read More...
Gojko Adzic is presenting at the next Agile Yorkshire meeting on acceptance tests
Sat, Jan 29 2011 11:16
February’s Agile Yorkshire is on the 8th . The session will be given by Gojko Adzic on ’Long term value of acceptance tests’ I have seen Gojko speak at a number of events, including Agile Yorkshire, he is always an engaging speaker so well worth the effort to attend. I know I am going to give it a go, but have been really struggling to make Agile Yorkshire as... Read More...
My Glasgow presentation last night.
Thu, Jul 16 2009 11:04
Thanks to everyone who turned up for my presentation on Typemock and Sharepoint in Glasgow last night. I have just upload my slides onto the Black Marble site . As the session was quite demo driven the slides don’t offer the best code samples. If you want to experiment yourselves I would suggest you look at my related posts on this blog and remember if you don... Read More...
Last nights Agile Yorkshire meeting on Exploratory Testing
Thu, May 14 2009 17:18
I was unable to attend the last Agile Yorkshire meeting, shame it sounds like it was a good one. The slides are up and give a really nice overview of the theory behind exploratory testing, worth a look at Read More...
Another speaking engagement – Vbug Newcastle on SharePoint Testing
Sat, May 9 2009 10:13
I will be doing a session on Testing SharePoint using Typemock Isolator on the 3rd June in Newcastle. Check the Vbug site for more details. Read More...
My grok talk on Sharepoint tetsing with Typemock Isolator and Ivonna at DD Scotland
Sun, May 3 2009 15:50
I had an enjoyable day at Developer Day Scotland in Glasgow yesterday; a big thank you to the organisers and speakers. I did a short grok talk on ‘Testing Sharepoint using Typemock Isolator and Ivonna’, a few people asked me for more details. Well the session was based on a post I did a while ago. I have updated that post to tidy a couple of issue I found whilst... Read More...
My NxtGen tour in August
Wed, Apr 29 2009 10:06
I will be speaking on developer testing of SharePoint projects using Typemock at both the Birmingham and Manchester NXtGen user groups in August. For more details check the NxtGen site . Read More...
Speaking in Newcastle tomorrow
Tue, Apr 21 2009 8:30
If you are in Newcastle on the evening of the 22nd I will be speaking at Vbug on Visual Studio 2008 Database Edition . Hope to see you there. Read More...
DDD7 Agenda Published
Mon, Oct 13 2008 17:15
Well the votes are in and my proposed session for DDD7 on automated testing did not make the cut , but thanks to anyone who voted for it. I can’t say I am surprised that I am not on the list given the larger number of very interesting sessions proposed. However, I am a little disappointed that even though there were a good percentage of the proposed sessions... Read More...


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