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Somewhat nasty upgrade experience with Seesmic Desktop 2
Wed, Feb 2 2011 9:53
A few days ago I got the regular ‘there is a new version of seesmic’ message. So I pressed update and got the less than helpful message After a quick search on the web I found the log files are in C:\Users\[username]\Documents\Seesmic\Seesmic Desktop 2\Logs , why that cannot be listed on the error dialog I don’t know!. Unfortunately there was nothing obvious... Read More...
Empty page being show for Silverlight application running out of browser
Fri, Jan 29 2010 4:10
Whilst preparing demo’s for our design event next week I hit a problem with the out of browser experience in Silverlight 3. I had decided to add the out of browser settings to our 2009 Christmas Card Silverlight application. To do this all you need to do is check a box on the project settings I ran the application in the browser and all was OK, I right clicked... Read More...
SLExtensions HTMLEditor
Wed, Feb 25 2009 8:32
I have been looking at porting a old content editor I wrote from WinForm to SilverLight and hit the problem there was no HTML editor control available in the standard Silverlight 2 control set. Roll in the excellent SLExtensions controls on CodePlex , to save the day..... Now I did hit one problem with the HTMLEditor, that was addressed very quickly in for support... Read More...


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