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Problems and workaround for the EMC Scrum for Team System Process Template
Wed, May 4 2011 11:19
I have recently been looking at the EMC Scrum for Team Systems (SFTS) 3 Template for TFS 2010 with SharePoint 2010. The core of it works, and works well for Scrum based teams. If you have not used it before have a read of the getting started post to get a feel of what it can do. However, there are some issues when you try to make use of SharePoint 2010 as opposed... Read More...
Fun presenting last night at BCS
Thu, Jul 1 2010 4:00
Thanks to everyone who attended my session last night at the West Yorkshire BCS on Agile and Lean development process. The projector failing after only a few minutes meant I had to adopt a good agile approach to the session. It was nice that so many people came up afterwards to say they enjoyed the lack of PowerPoint. This got me thinking, as I enjoyed not having... Read More...
Professional Scrum Developer with TFS course in the UK
Fri, Jun 25 2010 10:16
My fellow UK ALM MVP, Martin Hinshelwood, is running a Professional Scrum Developer course in London at the end of next month . I understand there are still some places left, and some good discounts available. So if you was looking at wanting to implement a Scrum process on TFS it could be well worth a look If you want to know more about the whole PSD programme... Read More...
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Speaking at the West Yorkshire BCS meeting on Agile Methods
Sat, May 29 2010 4:56
After my comments on the QDD session at a past BCS meeting I have been asked to return and speak at the West Yorkshire BCS meeting on the 30th of June to give an overview about Agile methods. This will be very much a management overview for people who are unaware of Agile methods, hence I will touch on XP, Scrum, Crystal Clear and Kanban and try to compare and... Read More...
Post AIC 2010 Thoughts
Thu, Apr 1 2010 12:52
I was at the AIC 2010 conference yesterday , which I enjoyed more than last year . The most interesting session was Ivar Jacobson . He discussed how immature our industry is, with its disjoint between software engineers and academic computer scientists. Something I have commented on before when discussing if our industry should be licensed. He discussed how we... Read More...
And eScrum is no more
Tue, Jul 7 2009 4:05
I have posted in the past about the TFS 2005 and 2008 Process Template eScrum from Microsoft; a template we use internally for a number of Agile projects. Well today it has been removed from the Microsoft download sites. It was decided a while ago that it would not be updated to support TFS2010 and has been removed to avoid any confusion over whether it is support... Read More...
Post Developer Day South West thoughts
Sun, May 24 2009 3:47
DD-SW in Taunton seems to go well, a big thank you to Guy and the rest of the Bristol .NET user group for all their work getting this event up and running. Also it was nice to see new faces, it is certainly a good idea to get the DDD family events out to places beyond Reading, spreading the good works of the community across the country. Thank you to those who... Read More...
Developer Day South West is this weekend
Thu, May 21 2009 4:58
It is Developer Day South West this weekend where I will be speaking on Scrum . I may also do a lunch time grok talk on SharePoint and Typemock Isolator as I did at Developer Day Scotland . I think there are still spaces at this event, so if you can make your way down to Taunton on Saturday I think it will be well worth the trip. Read More...
eScrum 1,1 available
Thu, Aug 21 2008 3:23
For those who have not seen it eScrum 1.1 is now available. This basically a update for the installer so it works on VS2008 so you don't have to go through all the manual fiddling you had to in the past . So if you want a nice simple agile team project process, with a nice web site to give progress visibility, give it a look. Read More...
Moving the document store in TFS
Thu, Aug 7 2008 9:50
I have at last got round to moving the location of the WSS sites used by our TFS server from the WSS instance running on our TFS Application Tier (AT) to our main 64bit MOSS 2007 server farm. A job I have been putting off for ages. I decided that there was nothing on the TFS WSS sites of importance, other than documents (which I could easily copy) so decided... Read More...


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