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Update released to fix issue for TFS 2010 with SQL Enterprise Page Compression
Thu, Feb 2 2012 3:51
Brian Harry has just posted on his blog about a bug in SQL page compression (found in SQL Enterprise) that can cause problems with TFS 2010 or TFS1(preview), previous version of TFS did not support page compression. So if you are using TFS and SQL Enterprise have a read and make sure the correct updates are in place. Read More...
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Stupid gotchas on a SQL 2008 Reporting Services are why I cannot see the Report Builder Button
Wed, Sep 21 2011 7:17
There is a good chance if you are using TFS that you will want to create some custom reports. You can write these in Reporting Services via BI Studio or Excel, but I wanted to use Report Builder, but could not see the Report Builder button on this Reporting Services menu The problem was multi-levelled First I had to give the user access to the Report Builder... Read More...
Follow up to my session yesterday at VBug Newcatsle on DataDude GDR
Thu, Apr 23 2009 4:30
Thanks to everyone who attended my session at VBug Newcastle last night, hope you enjoyed. As I mentioned in my session, to celebrate my talking at VBug, Microsoft chose to release the Visual Studio Team System 2008 Database Edition GDR R2 yesterday. If you are using DataDude you do need to get this installed, it addresses many know issues. Read More...
Speaking in Newcastle tomorrow
Tue, Apr 21 2009 8:30
If you are in Newcastle on the evening of the 22nd I will be speaking at Vbug on Visual Studio 2008 Database Edition . Hope to see you there. Read More...
Visual Studio 2008 DBPRO GDR QFE (wow loads of TLAs there)
Tue, Apr 7 2009 4:48
At my session at SQLBits IV on Visual Studio 2008 DBPro GDR it was mentioned that there was a major patch just about to be released to address some known issues. Well Brian Harry has provided links to the release of the release candidate of the GDR QFE Read More...
Visual Studio 2008 Database Edition GDR release - Createdeployment
Sun, Mar 22 2009 17:28
Whilst preparing for my session at SQLBits next weekend I was re-watched Gert Drapers' PDC session (TL45) where he used a command tool to deploy a database via a USB pen drive (about 30 minutes into the session) . Now it seems that the createdeployment command line tool he used is not currently available outside Microsoft, but the same effect can be achieved... Read More...
'Datadude' merged with Team Developer
Tue, Sep 30 2008 7:45
It was announced overnight by Microsoft that the Database Professional SKU for Visual Studio will be made available to all people who have a licensed copy of Team Developer. This is great news as it addresses the problem of where to put the expensive copy of DataDude (which I think has been a barrier to it's uptake), in most companies there is not the clear... Read More...
by But it works on my PC!
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