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‘The Circle’ a good read
Sat, Jun 7 2014 7:37
Seven whole years ago I wrote about re-reading William Gibson’s Microserfs and how it compared to his then new book JPod . And how they both reflected the IT world at their time. Speculative fiction always says more about the time they are written than the future they predict. I have just read ‘The Circle’ by Dave Eggers which in many ways is a similar book for... Read More...
Review of ‘Software Testing using Visual Studio 2012’ from Packt Publishing
Wed, Aug 28 2013 4:01
I have just been reading Software Testing using Visual Studio 2012 by Subashni. S and Satheesh Kumar. N from Packt Publishing This book does what it says on the cover, it is a general introduction to the testing tools within the Visual Studio 2012 family. My comment is not about how well it is done, it is a clear enough introduction, but why produce a book that... Read More...
Experiences with a Kindle Paperwhite
Sat, Jul 20 2013 5:18
I wrote a post a while ago about ‘ should I bug a Kindle ’, well I put if off for over a year using the Kindle app on my WP7 phone, reading best part of 50 books and been happy enough without buying an actual Kindle. The key issue being poor battery life, but that’s phones for you. However, I have eventually got around to getting a Kindle device. They key was... Read More...
New book from Gojko Adzic ‘Impact Mapping’
Wed, Nov 21 2012 11:24
A common problem with getting software developed is the needing to get everyone aiming for the same goal. This too often gets lost in the development process; the real goal of the business is not communicated to the development team.  It maybe that the goal professed by the business is not the one they even really want, but their current viewpoint obscures... Read More...
Nice introduction to the new features of VS2012
Tue, Oct 30 2012 15:01
If you are looking for a nice introduction to the new features of Visual Studio 2012, I can heartily recommend Richard Banks ' Visual Studio 2012 Cookbook' . This book covers a wide range of subjects including the IDE, .NET 4.5 features, Windows 8 development, Web development, C++, debugging, async and TFS 2012. This is all done in a easy to read format... Read More...
Tempted by the new Kindle?
Wed, Sep 28 2011 10:32
I am back on the should I buy a Kindle train of thought. Todays announcements are certainly interesting, I am not talking so much about the new Kindle Fire , but the new entry level version and the Touch . For me the tempting feature is still the E-Ink and battery life. The point is I have got used to reading on my phone, a Kindle might be easier on the eye,... Read More...
The slow slide to a paperless life
Tue, May 3 2011 6:17
I posted in the past about my though processes on getting a Kindle , they boiled down to to Why do the books cost virtually as much as paper edition when the author gets no more royalties and the production/distribution costs as far lower? I don’t want an extra device to carry about Well I have been using the WP7 Kindle Client to read free classics and actually... Read More...
Professional Foundation Server 2010
Wed, Apr 27 2011 9:15
Over the holiday I have been reading Professional Foundation Server 2010 by Ed Blankenship, Martin Woodward, Grant Holiday and Brian Keller , yes I know how to have time off and have fun! So who is this book for? It is a comprehensive guide to TFS 2010, the components and their usage, but this does not mean the book is only for teams new to TFS or people planning... Read More...
Added a reading list to my blog
Wed, Apr 27 2011 5:01
I am always being asked when at events for details of books I have recommended. So I have added a list of books I have found useful to this blog, it can be found at . Thus far I have added the ones I have been looking at recently, but will add more as I go along. Hope you find them as useful... Read More...
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Kindle on the Phone 7
Thu, Jan 6 2011 5:10
I asked the question a while ago if I should buy a Kindle ? I still think that new books are too expensive, but as there are loads of out of copyright books available for the platform so I did not hesitate to download the Windows Phone 7 Kindle app today. You never know when you need something to read and what could be better to dip into than a bit of Sherlock... Read More...
New book on Refactoring with Visual Studio 2010 from Packt Publishing
Fri, Sep 3 2010 3:43
Recently Packt Publishing sent me a copy of ‘Refactoring with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010’ by Peter Ritchie , I have to say I have rather impressed by it. My only major issue with it is that of the title, this book covers much more than the refactoring features of 2010. It provides a very clear example driven discussion of the use and application of both refactoring... Read More...
Great book on Kanban
Sat, May 29 2010 4:45
I won’t bother to repeat what Gojko has said on David J, Anderson’s book on Kanban , other than to say I agree wholeheartedly. I too have been looking for a good introduction book on Kanban as applied to software development (so K anban as opposed to kanban, not the capital K). This is exactly what with book does. OK I know that this information is out there... Read More...
Looking for a good overview of Visual Studio 2010 and ALM?
Mon, May 17 2010 14:09
Visual Studio 2010 provides many new features to aid Application Lifecycle Management. Learning its capabilities can be a bit daunting, especially if you are new to Team Foundation Server. So enter the new book ‘ Professional Application Lifecycle Management with Visual Studio 2010: with Team Foundation Server 2010 ’ by Mickey Gousset, Brian Keller, Ajoy Krishnamoorthy... Read More...
Holiday is when you catch up…..
Fri, Apr 10 2009 9:22
I got round to listening to the latest Radio TFS podcast today whist our for a run, Adopting Team System with Steve Borg . If you are looking at adopting TFS or even just critically looking at your development life cycle with a view to improving (irrespective of the tools you use), then this podcast is well worth the time to listen to. It actually covers a lot... Read More...
Book Review 'Software Testing with Visual Studio Team System 2008'
Thu, Apr 2 2009 11:08
A book arrived recently on my desk 'Software Testing with Visual Studio Team System 2008' by Subashni. S and N Satheesh Kumar . On reading the book it provides a workmanlike coverage of the testing features of Visual Studio 2008 including some of the API options in the testing namespace, but I can't see what it adds to the subject beyond what is a... Read More...


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