Browse by Tags ‘In the North’ starts tonight
Fri, Apr 17 2009 6:49
Looking forward to seeing everyone at Alt.Net ‘in the North ’ over the next two days. If you cannot make the planning session tonight, but are in Bradford later, we will be in the Titus Salt Pub for a few drinks sponsored by SEED software . We will probably be upstairs from about 8:30pm Technorati Tags: altnetuk Read More...
Alt.Net UK 'In the North' Registration is now open
Tue, Feb 24 2009 6:29
You can now register at
Announcing the Alt.Net.UK 'in the North' Conference
Wed, Feb 18 2009 4:50
I am please to be able to announce that there will be an Open Space Conference in Bradford on the 17/18th April this year. I had mentioned my intension of organising such an event at the last London conference, but it has taken a bit longer than expected to get sorted due to problems with getting the venue. The event will be hosted by Black Marble at... Read More...


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