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Async CTP Refresh for Visual Studio 2010 SP1 Released
Wed, Apr 13 2011 11:30
The Visual Studio team today released an update to the Visual Studio Async CTP which allows it to be used with Visual Studio SP1.  This new CTP includes some very nice new additions over the previous CTP.  The main highlights of this release... Read More...
C# 5 Async, Part 3: Preparing Existing code For Await
Tue, Dec 14 2010 12:25
While the Visual Studio Async CTP provides a fantastic model for asynchronous programming, it requires code to be implemented in terms of Task and Task<T>.  The CTP adds support for Task-based asynchrony to the .NET Framework methods, and... Read More...
C# 5 Async, Part 2: Asynchrony Today
Thu, Dec 2 2010 17:44
The .NET Framework has always supported asynchronous operations.  However, different mechanisms for supporting exist throughout the framework.  While there are at least three separate asynchronous patterns used through the framework, only the... Read More...