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Deep Dive on Closure Pitfalls

I've blogged about closures in C# and their pitfalls before. I keep seeing problems with closures--more now that lambdas expressions and statements ("lambdas") are becoming more widespread--even with experienced developers. So, I'd thought...

DevTeach 2009 Vancouver

The schedule for DevTeach 2009 Vancouver has been announced ( ). There’s lots of great software development sessions from some of the leaders in our industry. If you’re planning on improving yourself, this is the conference...

Nested Types

Recently Michael Features blogged about nested types . The title was almost "nested types considered harmful". I don't agree. I don't agree that they're any more harmful than any other C# construct (except goto...). Nested types...

Upcoming C# 3 Guidance From Microsoft

Mircea Trofin has some design guidelines with regard to some C# 3 language additions (that I assume will make it into a revised Framework Design Guidelines of some sort). They more less agree with the guidelines I published in Code Magazine a while ago...

CoDe Magazine Article.

The January/February edition of Code Magazine includes my article " C# 3.0 Syntax Additions-Design Guidelines ".

Visual C# Developer Center Article

My latest Visual C# Developer Center Article Inferred Typing with Factory Methods as Extension Methods is now online.
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