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Playing With SQL Server CLR Integration – Part II
On my last post , I showed how to convert a property bag stored in text to a CLR Table-Valued Function . I started thinking that I could retrieve the property values, but I couldn’t change them or add new properties. Passing a table as a parameter is...

Posted Fri, Jun 12 2009 0:52 by Paulo Morgado | with no comments

Visual Studio 2008 and .NET Framework 3.5 shipped!
Visual Studio 2008 and .NET Framework 3.5 has finally shipped. MSDN subscribers can download the final version of Visual Studio 2008 from MSDN Subscription Downloads , but anyone can get a trial version or an Express Edition . The .NET Framework 3.5 contains...

Posted Wed, Nov 21 2007 0:21 by Paulo Morgado | with no comments

WSDL Merger
António Cruz posted his tool to merge WSDL definitions into a single WSDL file.

Posted Thu, Feb 8 2007 10:40 by Paulo Morgado | 2 comment(s)