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WebBrowserControl for the .NET Framework 1.1 Updated
"My" WebBrowserControl for the .NET Framework 1.1 has been updated. A few bugs were fixed and a few changes were made to the API (still thinking of a .NET 2.0 version). I managed to solve all the problems with the design time but, unfortunately...

Posted Sun, Jul 8 2007 23:48 by Paulo Morgado | with no comments

Scoped Context Store
Sometimes I need to store data scoped by some context and isolated from the other scopes. If I'm building a library that is to be used in both Windows client and Web server enviroments, I have different isolation/scope needs: for a Web server environment...

Posted Mon, Jan 15 2007 23:58 by Paulo Morgado | with no comments

WebBrowserControl for the .NET Framework 1.1
Finally, I published "my" WebBrowserControl for the .NET Framework 1.1 . I wanted to do a nice article on the buts, hows and whys, but never got the time for it. And since .NET 3.0 is knocking on our door, pretty soon no one will care about .NET 1.1 stuff...

Posted Sat, Oct 14 2006 23:58 by Paulo Morgado | 4 comment(s)