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Red Gate Is Looking For Feedback On Its ASP.NET MVC Web Development Education Website
Red Gate is looking for feedback on its ASP.NET Web Development Education website. Visit their website and answer the survey .

Posted Thu, May 16 2013 23:43 by Paulo Morgado | with no comments

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Internet Explorer 10 User Agent Strings On Windows 8 64bit
Internet Explorer 10 is the web browser Microsoft is delivering with Windows 8 . According to its different usages and modes, its user agent string is as follows: Application Environment 32/64 bit User Agent String Internet Explorer Metro - Mozilla/5...

Posted Tue, Oct 11 2011 1:03 by Paulo Morgado | with no comments

Is Your ASP.NET Development Server Not Working?
Since Visual Studio 2005 , Visual Studio comes with a development web server: the ASP.NET Development Server . I’ve been using this web server for simple test projects since than with Visual Studio 2005 and Visual Studio 2008 in Windows XP Professional...

Posted Tue, Jun 15 2010 1:31 by Paulo Morgado | 3 comment(s)

Detecting User Regional Settings In The Web Browser
Recently, a friend of mine asked me something like: “How do I get the user’s regional settings for a request to a web server?” As far as I know, web browser only send an Accept-Language HTTP header and nothing more. You can take this and use the default...

Posted Mon, May 10 2010 2:07 by Paulo Morgado | 2 comment(s)

Defining Document Compatibility In Internet Explorer 8
The procedures to define document compatibility in Internet Explorer 8 are well documented here , but I’ve seem many developers and system administrators that are not aware of this. Although you can (and should) define the document compatibility your...

Posted Mon, Apr 5 2010 2:21 by Paulo Morgado | with no comments

Web Site Globalization With ASP.NET Routing
For those who don’t know, I have this web site http://PauloMorgado.NET/ that I use both as a web presence besides my blogs and a playfield. Because I write both in English and Portuguese, I wanted the web site to have both English and Portuguese versions...

Posted Sun, Jan 31 2010 23:29 by Paulo Morgado | with no comments

Coupling ASP.NET Session State With Forms Authentication
Today I was talking with João about a way to couple the lifetime of the ASP.NET   session state with the lifetime of Forms Authentication ticket . My idea was to store the session ID in the UserData property of the forms authentication ticket upon...

Posted Thu, Jan 28 2010 1:18 by Paulo Morgado | with no comments

Extended WebBrowser Control - Version Uploaded
After a long time, I finally managed to upload a version of the Extended WebBrowser Control to CodePlex . It's still a work in progress, but it's usable. Feel free to download , comment and file issues . A nice tabbed browser demo is included...

Posted Wed, Dec 2 2009 2:03 by Paulo Morgado | 4 comment(s)

ReMIX 09 Is Coming To Lisbon, Portugal
For the first time, ReMIX is coming to Portugal . The event will have a keynote and 3 tracks (Web Developer, UX and Architect) with 4 sessions each by the best speakers in each field. Don’t miss it! Register now!

Posted Wed, Sep 9 2009 19:50 by Paulo Morgado | with no comments

MIX09 Session Presentation Slides
On a previous post I introduced the feeds I created to subscribe to Mix09 session videos. I’ve decided to also create a feed for the presentation slides: PPTX:

Posted Thu, Mar 26 2009 2:51 by Paulo Morgado | with no comments

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MIX09 Session Videos – How I Did It
On my last post I introduced the feeds I created to subscribe to Mix09 session videos. In case someone is interested on how I did it, here it is: <% @ WebHandler Language ="C#" Class ="mix09" %> using System; using System.IO;...

Posted Mon, Mar 23 2009 2:04 by Paulo Morgado | with no comments

MIX09 Session Videos
Updated (2009Mar25): Added MP4 feed. Mix09 is over and I would like to watch some sessions. I like to watch these kind of videos by subscribing them using the Zune Software as a podcast. I like the Zune Software because it downloads the “episodes” and...

Posted Mon, Mar 23 2009 1:06 by Paulo Morgado | with no comments

ASP.NET Futures: Control ClientID Generation
ASP.NET is expected to have some improvements on the generation of client IDs . Although this is a major improvement, it comes short by not allowing the generation of shorter client IDs for server controls. My good friend Nuno Gomes has done some work...

Posted Wed, Mar 18 2009 2:44 by Paulo Morgado | with no comments

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The Problem Of Long Web Browser User-Agent Strings
Every web browser sends, on every request, a user-agent request HTTP header to the server. If you are curious about how Internet Explorer ’s user-agent string is form, read this article . This information is used by server software to identify the web...

Posted Mon, Jan 12 2009 0:18 by Paulo Morgado | 3 comment(s)

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Social Networking Overload
There’s been a growth of social networks and the the addition of social networking features to other sites. Nowadays, you can find a vas variety of social networks: Facebook Hi5 MySpace WAYN Windows Live etc. There’s also a some professional networks...

Posted Sun, Jan 4 2009 23:24 by Paulo Morgado | with no comments

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How To Issue Server Callbacks
Callbacks were introduced in ASP.NET 2.0 and is a simple mechanism for calling page or control functionality without page rendering and without the user noticing a post back. For a page or control to handle callbacks, all it needs is to implement the...

Posted Mon, Dec 15 2008 1:03 by Paulo Morgado | with no comments

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Serialized In-Process ASP.NET Session State Store
ASP.NET provides out of the box three session state stores: Provider Description InProc Session state is stored in the ASP.NET cache. SQLServer Session state is stored out-of-process in an SQL Server database. StateServer Session state is stored out-of...

Posted Mon, Aug 4 2008 2:09 by Paulo Morgado | 2 comment(s)

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IIS/ASP.NET Cookieless Support Not Working As Expected
In one of the environments I work, cookies cannot be used because the pages run inside web browser controls running on a client application and cookies end up being shared by all browsers. Fortunately, ASP.NET allows us to persist some cookies as part...

Posted Fri, Aug 1 2008 1:23 by Paulo Morgado | 2 comment(s)

Other Ways For Making PathInfo And ASP.NET Themes Work Together
On my last post I wrote about a solution for the problem that arises when we try the use path infos and ASP.NET Themes and Skins together . Raj Kaimal   suggested rewriting all LINK HTML elements URLs to the correct URL as seen from the client. Something...

Posted Fri, Jul 25 2008 1:07 by Paulo Morgado | 2 comment(s)

Making PathInfo And ASP.NET Themes Work Together
Updated on 2008.07.28 – The code was done in a hurry and, talking to my friend Luís , I noticed that I had forgotten to make a case insensitive comparison and that the code was not so obvious. So, I updated the code and added an explanation. On my last...

Posted Thu, Jul 24 2008 1:13 by Paulo Morgado | 5 comment(s)

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