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TechDays 2010: What’s New On C# 4.0
I would like to thank those that attended my session at TechDays 2010 and I hope that I was able to pass the message of what’s new on C# . For those that didn’t attend (or did and want to review it), the presentation can be downloaded from here . Code...

Posted Mon, Apr 26 2010 22:48 by Paulo Morgado | with no comments

C# 4.0: COM Interop Improvements
Dynamic resolution as well as named and optional arguments greatly improve the experience of interoperating with COM APIs such as Office Automation Primary Interop Assemblies (PIAs) . But, in order to alleviate even more COM Interop development, a few...

Posted Mon, Apr 19 2010 1:59 by Paulo Morgado | with no comments

C# 4.0: Dynamic Programming
The major feature of C# 4.0 is dynamic programming. Not just dynamic typing, but dynamic in broader sense, which means talking to anything that is not statically typed to be a .NET object. Dynamic Language Runtime The Dynamic Language Runtime ( DLR )...

Posted Sun, Apr 18 2010 19:45 by Paulo Morgado | 2 comment(s)

C# 4.0: Alternative To Optional Arguments
Like I mentioned in my last post , exposing publicly methods with optional arguments is a bad practice (that’s why C# has resisted to having it, until now). You might argument that your method or constructor has to many variants and having ten or more...

Posted Sun, Apr 18 2010 2:11 by Paulo Morgado | 4 comment(s)

C# 4.0: Named And Optional Arguments
As part of the co-evolution effort of C# and Visual Basic , C# 4.0 introduces Named and Optional Arguments . First of all, let’s clarify what are arguments and parameters : Method definition parameters are the input variables of the method. Method call...

Posted Fri, Apr 16 2010 2:07 by Paulo Morgado | 2 comment(s)

C# 4.0: Covariance And Contravariance In Generics
C# 4.0 (and .NET 4.0) introduced covariance and contravariance to generic interfaces and delegates. But what is this variance thing? According to Wikipedia , in multilinear algebra and tensor analysis, covariance and contravariance describe how the quantitative...

Posted Tue, Apr 13 2010 2:25 by Paulo Morgado | 3 comment(s)

The Evolution Of C#
The first release of C# ( C# 1.0 ) was all about building a new language for managed code that appealed, mostly, to C++ and Java programmers. The second release ( C# 2.0 ) was mostly about adding what wasn’t time to built into the 1.0 release. The main...

Posted Mon, Apr 12 2010 2:08 by Paulo Morgado | 2 comment(s)