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David S. Platt Has Posted An Event Visualizer for CAB
David S. Platt has posted an Event Visualizer for CAB. I'll have to check it out.

Posted Mon, May 21 2007 22:50 by Paulo Morgado | with no comments

Smart Client Software Factory - May 2007 Release is Live
(From Blaine Wastell 's post and Mariano Szklanny 's post ) You can now download the SCSF - May 2007 release . The new release provides support for .NET 3.0. The release is propagating to the download servers and should be available when you read...

Posted Sun, May 20 2007 12:35 by Paulo Morgado | with no comments

Culture and Region Information tool for .NET 2.0
Defining custom culture and region information is a common practice in many enterprise environments. In the .NET Framework 2.0 , we can use the CultureAndRegionInfoBuilder class build a custom culture that is new or based on an existing culture and region...

Posted Thu, Jan 25 2007 0:59 by Paulo Morgado | with no comments

Scoped Context Store
Sometimes I need to store data scoped by some context and isolated from the other scopes. If I'm building a library that is to be used in both Windows client and Web server enviroments, I have different isolation/scope needs: for a Web server environment...

Posted Mon, Jan 15 2007 23:58 by Paulo Morgado | with no comments

An Hierarchical CAB WorkItem Activation Service
The application I'm currently working on has a rather complex UI. It's something like two tabbed work spaces and an outlook-like work space, that make one workspace by itself, that can have several instances inside another tabbed workspace, that can have...

Posted Sat, Nov 4 2006 23:15 by Paulo Morgado | 8 comment(s)

Unit Testing With CAB
For those who like to unit test their software and are developing CAB applications, the SCSF comes with sample applications with unit tests. These unit tests are built on top of an useful set of testable classes which one of them is the TestableRootWorkItem...

Posted Fri, Nov 3 2006 10:02 by Paulo Morgado | 2 comment(s)

Work Spaces and Smart Part Info Provider
As I understand it, the MVP (Model/View/Presenter) design pattern states that all presentation decisions are the Presenter's responsibility. In the CAB world, this should include the Smart Part Info. But the IWorkspace interface only allows you to provide...

Posted Sun, Oct 29 2006 22:57 by Paulo Morgado | with no comments

Enhancing CAB's ManagedObjectCollection
For those who don't know, the ManagedObjectCollection registers its elements using the objects running type as part of the key. Recently, I had the need to add and retrieve a component to the WorkItem 's Items collection independently of its running....

Posted Sun, Oct 22 2006 22:45 by Paulo Morgado | 2 comment(s)

Fighting with CAB visualizers and visualizations
Anyone who has previously developed with CAB knows that documentation and information are scarce, but when one faces something like I recently faced, everything becomes even more difficult. When I tried to use a visualizer with my application, I was faced...

Posted Tue, Oct 10 2006 23:44 by Paulo Morgado