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Fast Streaming Ajax Proxy with GET PUT POST DELETE

I have enhanced my streaming Ajax Proxy with POST, PUT and DELETE features. Previously it supported only GET. Now it supports all 4 popular methods for complete REST support. Using this proxy, you can call REST API on external domain directly from your...
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7 tips for for loading Javascript rich Web 2.0-like sites significantly faster

Introduction When you create rich Ajax application, you use external JavaScript frameworks and you have your own homemade code that drives your application. The problem with well known JavaScript framework is, they offer rich set of features which are...

Web 2.0 AJAX Portal using jQuery, ASP.NET 3.5, Silverlight, Linq to SQL, WF and Unity

Dropthings – my open source Web 2.0 Ajax Portal has gone through a technology overhauling. Previously it was built using ASP.NET AJAX, a little bit of Workflow Foundation and Linq to SQL. Now Dropthings boasts full jQuery front-end combined with ASP.NET...

ensure - Ensure relevant Javascript and HTML are loaded before using them

ensure allows you to load Javascript, HTML and CSS on-demand, whenever they are needed. It saves you from writing a gigantic Javascript framework up front so that you can ensure all functions are available whenever they are needed. It also saves you from...
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UFrame: goodness of UpdatePanel and IFRAME combined

UFrame combines the goodness of UpdatePanel and IFRAME in a cross browser and cross platform solution. It allows a DIV to behave like an IFRAME loading content from any page either static or dynamic. It can load pages having both inline and external Javascript...
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Fast ASP.NET web page loading by downloading multiple javascripts in batch

A web page can load a lot faster and feel faster if the javascripts on the page can be loaded after the visible content has been loaded and multiple javascripts can be batched into one download. Browsers download one external script at a time and sometimes...
Posted by omar | 23 comment(s)

Fast page loading by moving ASP.NET AJAX scripts after visible content

ASP.NET ScriptManager control has a property LoadScriptsBeforeUI , when set to false , should load all AJAX framework scripts after the content of the page. But it does not effectively push down all scripts after the content. Some framework scripts, extender...
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On-demand UI loading on AJAX websites

AJAX websites are all about loading as many features as possible into the browser without having any postback. If you look at the Start Pages like Pageflakes , it's only one single page that gives you all the features of the whole application with...
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10 cool web development related articles in 2007

Here's a list of 10 cool ASP.NET, AJAX and web development related articles and blog posts that I have written this year that you might want to take a look: 13 disasters for production website and their solutions Talks about 13 production disasters...
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