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I am no more

I have moved my blog to and I am no longer blogging here. Please update your readers and subscribe to the feed on the new site.
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C# with keyword equivalent

There’s no with keyword in C#, like Visual Basic. So you end up writing code like this: this . StatusProgressBar . IsIndeterminate = false ; this . StatusProgressBar . Visibility = Visibility . Visible ; this . StatusProgressBar . Minimum = 0 ; this ...
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Do Unit Test and Integration Test from same test code using Conditional Compilation

You usually write unit test and integration test code separately using different technologies. For example, for unit test, you use some mocking framework like Moq to do the mocking. For integration test, you do not use any mocking, just some test classes...
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Is your computer running slow, battery running out quickly?

If your computer is running hot or battery running out quickly then it is most likely due to some application or process consuming high CPU or memory. If you keep running applications for a long time, for example, Outlook, then it continues to grow in...
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