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May 2011 - Posts

Office Server Search Process “Stopping…”, stuck, freeze, eternally

Yesterday I had a problem with the Office Server Search, I deleted all Crawl indexes and the process became stuck with message “Stopping”.

Tried to execute all jobs automatically by using the stsadm –o exesvcadmjobs, was asked to delete all crawl content again, so here we go again, “Time out error”

Tried to stop using stsadm.exe -o oserach -action stop “Time Out” again

After a 1 hour research and after reading several information in the net with the same problem with no luck, I tried a brut force method by killing the process for my MOSS Search account


After that the service became Disable and I could start it again. I had to go to the Central Administration and start again the Office Search and the WSS Search.


Finally the problem is gone, HTH you.