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Office Activation box is "cut", can not see input boxes

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Another workaround to a rare problem but can happen.


Hold Shift + Alt and in the upper left corner of the Activation Box, click and hold the right mouse button and drag down to select the text. This should force the bottom of the box to display and be accessible for input

Try more then once if did not result at first time

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Microsoft Office 2003 do not generate Activation Key

DISCLAIMER - Read First please

USE THIS PROCEDURE IF THE ACTIVATION KEY to Activate your Copy of Office 2003 do not appear. This is not a HACK procedure.

My Office do not generate Activation Key.

Why this happen?. This information is not avaiable but you can try this Workaround, hope it helps


1. Go path: %\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\OFFICE\DATA
2. Delete File "OPA11.DAT"
3. try now

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Try to Repair a corrupted Database (MDB File)

How a MDB get corrupted? WHAT IS GOING ON?

My first thought is, WHERE IS THE “DAM” BACKUP? A project without backups it’s NEVER a good project (In - Joao Tito Livio head, brain cell 165.554), simply there are many ways this happen. This are my suggestions in order to fix this a corrupted MDB file.

Try to repair your MDB in command line mode how?;en-us;209207

Example: C:\PATH_TO\Msaccess.exe c:\PATH_TO\Database.MDB /Repair

Don’t forget to replace PATH_TO with your PATHS

At this time u may think “This really sucks” but do you have all windows and office updates installed? If not this is my Second suggestion, update windows and office & Why? Nothing is perfect I AM NOT

Consider to create a new MDB File and import all Objects with no exceptions. If some object give error DO NOT IMPORT IT, just skip and try to make a new one and copy paste Objects and Code.

Use the JETCOMP utility to fix Microsoft JET; this may be the goal .

Update your MDAC and JET to latest version.

If nothing above produces result, try to get a 3rd Party Utility to fix it.


A project without backups it’s NEVER a good project. A MBD corrupted may cause lost of Data, hours of work and of course, Money. Make backups of your MDB periodically but DO NOT OVERIGTH in the same version. Keep at least 10 last releases before overnight your project.