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Redfly Smartphone Dock and PC software
Sun, Jan 18 2009 16:38
Brighthand rerports a couple of new CelioCorp Redfly Series products: the Redfly Smartphone Dock and the PC Software. According to them, " the PC Software will function like a software version of this company's Smartphone Terminal. It will allow users to connect their Windows Mobile device to a laptop or netbook and access the smartphone's software... Read More...
TV-out cable for Samsung Omnia and i780
Thu, Sep 18 2008 3:30
A Portuguese retailer and other European as well are announcing the availability of TV-out cable for the Samsung Omnia. This is quite an interesting surprise since no information about TV-out capabilities was ever disclosed by Samsung. It also seems that the i780 and other devices could be compatible with this cable although this is still to be confirmed. The... Read More...
Zeemote JS1 Controller
Tue, Aug 12 2008 6:11
I have been pointed out to a very interesting device that would allow me to play games on my Samsung i780 very well. The Zeemote Js1 conttroler is a very fancy joystick that will allow you to control your character or car in games that are prepared. But since this device uses Bluetooth standards I wonder if it might be usable as a mouse aswell. The design and... Read More...
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