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Satya Nadella - President of Server and Tools Business @ Microsoft Connected Devices and Continuous Services Design Point Elastic resources Composable services data as a namespace Expose data as a first class namespace for other developers to use identity...
MIX10 – Day One – Designing and Delivering Scalable and Resilient Web Services
Ron Jacobs – Sr. Technical Evangelist – Microsoft “Do the simplest thing that will possibly Work” Scalability – Able to support the required quality of Service as the system load increases – Wiktionary Typical Web Architecture...
PDC09 – Day Three – Building Scalable and Reliable Applications with Windows Azure
Brad Calder – Director/Architect Data Building Blocks Types of Storage in Windows Azure Volatile Storage Local Storage Caches (eg. AppFabricCache and MemCache) Persistent Storage Windows Azure Storage Blobs Provide interface for storing name files Tables...