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Things to take into account when you deliver applications for Connected Devices – Windows Azure to the rescue (EN)
Currently one very important space is the development of Applications for Connected Devices like Windows Phones, Windows Slates and so on. One important elements is that we are currently going more and more to Wireless, and so it’s important to understand...
Clarification about WCF RIA Services
   A lot as been said about “.NET RIA Services” now called “WCF RIA Services”, and much more about this name change, since many people doesn’t look at RIA Services like a real WCF Services with all their power, but that isn’t quite true since...
PDC09 – Day Two - Keynote
Steven Sinofsky Developing Windows 7 Learning Solving Problems + Innovation “Engineering 7” Blog made a very interesting Dialog even without having any code of the product, just about the decisions that were being made Ecosystem Readiness Developer Pre...