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Data Services – Can be ADO.NET or SQL – What’s the difference

Just a while ago I was talking about Data Services and suddenly a confusion between ADO.NET Data Services and SQL Data Services took place, because we were talking about different Data Services, and so in order to try to clarify the differences I remembered to write this post.

There are two types of Data Services that are:

  • SQL Data Services
    • Cloud – at this moment is being converted from ACE (Activity, Container and Entity)  to TDS (Tabular Data Stream) as I’ve presented in this post.
    • In this case we are talking about a Database in the Cloud and the ultimate desire will be to just change the ConnectionString used.


Hope it helps you get the confusions out of discussions on this topic.


Nuno Filipe Godinho said:

As I already explained in a previous post , ADO.NET Data Services are very interesting since they generate

# August 6, 2009 11:44 AM
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