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ReMIX Australia and The Creators Club
Following the Blogs for the last few days it turns out that the Sydney event is now Sold out, for those going to the Melbourne event you had better get in quick. What is ReMIX , REMIX08 is your opportunity to experience all that is new in Silverlight...
Posted: Fri, May 9 2008 21:00 by Glenn Wilson | with no comments
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XNA 3.0 First Community Applications for the Zune
The community has been busy, well a couple of the die hard's have. Nick Gravelyn has released a version of his Alien Aggressors game for the Zune , this download also includes the source code for you to browse. Included in the code are examples of...
XNA 3.0 CTP has Been Released
Ok I know I am a little bit behind, or in front depends on how you look at it, but Microsoft and the XNA Guys have released the First CTP of XNA 3.0 . The three main features included in this CTP . The first gives us the ability to develop our applications...
Posted: Wed, May 7 2008 18:23 by Glenn Wilson | with no comments
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