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OzBoxLive TV - Halo 3 Conference
OzBoxLive have recorded their first Live TV Cast, the first is from the Halo 3 Conference in Sydney. "In this first episode of OzBoxLive TV we head up to Sydney for the Halo 3 Conference. See exclusive footage of the multiplayer game in an 8 Player...
Posted: Sun, Sep 2 2007 6:56 by Glenn Wilson | with no comments
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Gears of War Hidden Fronts Map Pack Free
Starting Monday the Gears of War Hidden Fronts Map pack will be free... "With nearly 500,000 downloads to date, the “Gears of War®” Hidden Fronts Map Pack has become the No. 1 piece of premium downloadable content on Xbox LIVE Marketplace. Beginning...
Xbox 360 - Rainbow Six Vegas Red and Black for Free
Major Nelson , and the Gamerscoreblog have posted some really good news... "Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas Black Pack Downloadable Content for Xbox 360 Live was originally intended to be free content for the fans of Rainbow Six Vegas. We apologize...
Ring of Fire
I came across this post this morning on The Sarcastic Gamer and thought that I have just got to pass this on. This is great parody of Johnny Cash's classic 'Ring of Fire', but with a Xbox 360 twist on the story. Here is the direct link to...
Xbox 360 Games for the summer or winter
IGN Has published a good list of the upcoming titles for this summer , but as most will know in Australia this happens to be our winter. At least with this selection of games it might help us get through the cold months of winter. BioShock Publisher:...
Lost Planet Map Pack 3 Announced
Looks like the third map pack for Lost planet has been announced, the pack should be released on June 21st and will be 400 Microsoft points. Included in this pack will be three new maps, Ice Drop, Ruins, and Lost Technologies. "“Lost Technology”...
Halo 3 Controllers and Headset on the way
Looks like the Halo 3 Wagon is rolling along at a flying rate, Microsoft are now releaseing 2 new Controllers and a Wireless Headset that include the Halo 3 Branding. "Microsoft is now waging a direct assault on Halo 3 fan's wallets with the...
Posted: Tue, Jun 12 2007 18:48 by Glenn Wilson | with no comments
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Xbox 360 Controller and DirectX
Brian Lawson has posted a great little sample of using the Xbox 360 controller with the XInput libraries. The sample is just a small console application that will display the different actions that are being done on each of the four controller slots....
Transformers The Game
I am probably showing my age here, but this is one game that I am looking forward to having a go at. For those who are insterested the guys over at Team Xbox have posted some more Screenshots of the Games artwork. "Based on Paramount Pictures upcoming...
Posted: Fri, Jun 1 2007 23:02 by Glenn Wilson | with no comments
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Nick Baker talks Xbox 360 Architecture on Channel 9
There is a new Video on Channel 9 with Nick Baker . In this Video Nick talks about the Architecture of the Xbox 360. "What is the XBox 360, exactly? How do you go about designing and building a game console that meets the high standards of today's...
Posted: Tue, May 29 2007 19:48 by Glenn Wilson | with no comments
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Xbox 360 – Tom Clancys Endwar First Screen Shots
For ages I have been a fan of the Tom Clancy series of games, but this is one that I am looking forward to. "Set on the battlefields of World War III, Tom Clancy's EndWar will push the envelope of technology, showcasing artificial intelligence...
Posted: Wed, May 9 2007 18:46 by Glenn Wilson | with no comments
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Xbox 360 Controller Buttons
I know this is an old one, but someone in the IRC Channel (Channel #xna on the Efnet Server) was asking about them today and where they could find them. Well here it is. A while ago a use Sinnix put together some images for us of all of the controller...
More on the Xbox Live Messenger service
Gamasutra has posted an interview with Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg regarding the planned Live Messenger Service for the Xbox Live system. Here are some of the questions asked… Will there be any sort of charge for the ability to use the chat service? What...
Posted: Thu, Apr 12 2007 0:03 by Glenn Wilson | with 1 comment(s)
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Assault Heroes for Xbox Live Arcade
Reading through the normal Blogs this evening I came across a post on Duncan's Blog.... I was surprised that Major hadn't posted about this (Or did I miss it). This is more then likely going to be my Next Xbox Live Arcade purchase... Looks Like Fun. http...
Posted: Tue, Dec 12 2006 21:59 by Glenn Wilson | with no comments
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XBLA - Scramble Released
I remember sitting down in front of my Commodore 64 waiting for the tape to load.... watching those flashing lines going up and down the screen while it loads. Over the last week it sort of felt like that again, but it's here. " Scramble " has been released...
Posted: Wed, Sep 13 2006 22:34 by Glenn Wilson | with no comments
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Lego Star Wars II Extra Content
With the release of Lego Star Wars II in the next few days (Should get mine tommorrow), I can across this post . It talks about Downloadable Content from the Marketplace, I wonder how lng it will take to be made availible. "Xbox 360 gamers will be able...
Posted: Tue, Sep 12 2006 16:13 by Glenn Wilson | with no comments
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Gamefest 2006 Content available
For those of you like me that were un able to make it to Gamefest this year, the Gamefest contant is now availible on the Microsoft Site. When downloading it please note that some of the files are large (@500mb) so I would watch you download limits and...
Good Game: A program for Gamers by Gamers
Starting on the 19th of Sep there is going to be a new program on ABC2 (Digital Only) and also available online, a program for Gaming that is based in Australia. The good thing about this is that it is actually on at a good time and not on at Midnight...
Posted: Wed, Sep 6 2006 21:18 by Glenn Wilson | with no comments
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Xbox Live Arcade Scramble Delayed One Week
A lot of people were expecting to see Scamble on XBox Live this week. But as this post on GamerScoreBlog , and this on Major Nelson say, there have been some concerns and the release has been pushed back a week. "A bit of bad news to report... Despite...
Posted: Wed, Sep 6 2006 20:57 by Glenn Wilson | with no comments
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XBox Live Arcade UNO PGR3 Deck
There is now a new deck for UNO on XBox Live arcade , this content is available in all regions for 100 points Here is the original Post from Major Nelson . Cross Post from Virtual Realm - Mykre's Space
Posted: Wed, Sep 6 2006 20:38 by Glenn Wilson | with no comments
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