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Copy Windows Setup, Drivers or Bundled Software from the Recovery Partition [How To]
Tue, Mar 15 2011 11:00
When I first bought my netbook from Acer it came with the Windows 7 Starter (scam) Edition. Luckily for me I had an extra Home Premium license I could use. Problem was that the graphics driver needed was not available for download, and was not available... Read More...
Really Take Control over Your Right-click Context Menu [How To]
Fri, Mar 5 2010 8:00
In a Previous post we showed you how to add CopyTo and MoveTo functions to the Context Menu (Read it Here). One of our readers asked: “Where would one find the values associated with different functions? What other kinds of functions could be added... Read More...
Office 2010: Modify The Ribbon [How To]
Sat, Feb 20 2010 7:00
Windows 7 - The Pocket Guide | Get FREE books (Password: mintywhiteBooks ) Windows 7 - The Pocket Guide | Get FREE books (Password: mintywhiteBooks) Ever since I saw the new ribbon in Office 2007 – I hated it. I looked around and found me a... Read More...