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LogMeIn-Express is now [Still FREE]
Tue, Aug 10 2010 3:00
You might remember the article about LogMeIn Express (Remote Desktop, No Installation Required). I just checked in on the site and discovered that is has gone Pro. Though they still claim it’s in beta stage. The service is totally refurbished with... Read More...
Enhance your Recycle Bin’s Right-click Context Menu with RecycleBinEx [Freeware]
Wed, Aug 4 2010 3:00
Do you empty your recycle-bin every time you put files into it, or do you leave it be, just in case you delete something that you might just need later on ? Problem with keeping the bin filled, is that you don’t actually save any disk-space. With... Read More...
Move Windows Between Monitors with MonitorSwitch [Freeware]
Fri, May 7 2010 8:00
Do you have a multiple monitor setup ? I do – and I love it. I can’t begin to imagine how I ever managed without it. As you know, moving windows between the monitors can be a tedious task, if you always drag them back and forth. Now I’ve... Read More...