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Foxit Reader (good) is currently attaching Search Protect by Conduit (not good). Uncheck the option because it is a pest.

Java (marginal, but a necessary evil for far too many things) is attaching the Ask Toolbar and associated junk. Uncheck it if you value decent Internet searches.. . 

ImgBurn (Good), but you have to be on your toes to stop the unwanted stuff. Basically, uncheck anything that isn't for ImgBurn, and go for the custom install each time that it is offered to you to ensure that you get to uncheck and skip the junk.. 

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 "Well, it worked in Windows 95!"

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Speedfan is a great hardware monitor which can automatically control fan speeds, warn when temperatures are rising in the case, and do a SMART scan of your hard drives. A 'must have'.. 

Piriform Speccy tells you what is inside the box and with great accuracy..

Networx shows download/upload bandwidth used..

Piriform Recuva is probably the best file recovery utility around and is free too.. 

Treesize shows you what you have got, where it is, and how much space it is all using..

Windows 8 alternative start menus.. Classic Shell..

Stardock Start8..

Aomei Partition Assistant is the best free utility of its type..


Rumour has it that the successor to Windows 8 will appear during April of 2015. Not quick enough for you? It probably isn’t fast enough for Microsoft but what can you do.

  • Somebody is going to have to fish the Start menu code out of Windows 7 and find a way to put it back without upsetting the OS.
  • The ‘refresh’ function is going to take a bit of work for sure, it being probably one of the worst features ever included in a Windows operating system. Windows Backup was sacrificed for ‘Refresh’ and Windows Backup was bad enough already.
  • The tiles are very unreliable too and will have to go. if Microsoft wants to forget about 8..

Windows 9 has to be as good as Windows 7 was. The ‘out of the box’ experience can’t be allowed to fail, and that means releasing a desktop/laptop version which does NOT have any tiles showing, not even in the background. Microsoft will also have to use a different name for the tablet and phone OS. and preferably not ‘Phoblet’. Microsoft also have to keep making changes to Windows 8.1 because it will not be fair on those who had to buy into it.

The trouble so far is that Microsoft has had to look like it knew what was happening, that it was all planned from the top. Now the ‘top’ has gone, and Microsoft can get back to where it used to be.. The two Steve’s certainly left the boys and girls with much to do.

I wish Microsoft luck and you should too because Mac is not an alternative and Linux can’t be given away.. Smile

Posted Sun, Feb 2 2014 13:58 by Mike Hall
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