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Foxit Reader (good) is currently attaching Search Protect by Conduit (not good). Uncheck the option because it is a pest.

Java (marginal, but a necessary evil for far too many things) is attaching the Ask Toolbar and associated junk. Uncheck it if you value decent Internet searches.. . 

ImgBurn (Good), but you have to be on your toes to stop the unwanted stuff. Basically, uncheck anything that isn't for ImgBurn, and go for the custom install each time that it is offered to you to ensure that you get to uncheck and skip the junk.. 

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Speedfan is a great hardware monitor which can automatically control fan speeds, warn when temperatures are rising in the case, and do a SMART scan of your hard drives. A 'must have'.. 

Piriform Speccy tells you what is inside the box and with great accuracy..

Networx shows download/upload bandwidth used..

Piriform Recuva is probably the best file recovery utility around and is free too.. 

Treesize shows you what you have got, where it is, and how much space it is all using..

Windows 8 alternative start menus.. Classic Shell..

Stardock Start8..

Aomei Partition Assistant is the best free utility of its type..


None in the last hour, but 11 criticals and 17 warnings in the last 24 hours has marred what otherwise could have been a perfect day.

The criticals were all to do with a SanDisk Cruzer 4gb which morphed into a Cruzer 0gb. This set off Windows 8 into a world where no USB flash drive or card reader was any good, and it put up a warning for all of them.

Let this be a reminder to any reader NOT to use devices like these as a sole backup for ANYTHING. If you rely on these devices for any task, always ensure that you have a new one to bring online when the need arises. On average, I buy one per year.

The warnings were all about the ‘Calendar Folder property is missing’ errors which appear in every session, and they come in blocks of 17 or 18 every time. Looking into Event Viewer just now shows another bunch within the last hour, contrary to the first line in this post. Microsoft say that they do no harm to the computer, and that’s as maybe, but the psychological harm that they do to ‘OCD’ computer users would be off the scale.

Hardware drivers can be a constant source of amusement to Windows 8. It griped about my video drivers, so I bought a new card which was 8 compatible. Then it griped about the NIC driver, which I duly updated. The last was a gripe about the sound card, and again I updated from the Realtek website..

As fast as I fix one driver issue, Windows 8 appears to go hunting for another, but that is not to say that Windows 8 is bad.

While on the subject of errors..

I used to go to the PC-Pitstop website to run a check on this computer, just to see if there were any changes in performance. When running Vista and Windows 7, there was always something, and one item which never missed a mention was defragmentation In fact there were generally 6 or 7 issues.

Guess what? I ran the full tests a couple of days ago, and it only found one issue, and that was in respect of cookies which I intend to keep. Windows 8 may be a bit of a pain in ‘cranky’ mode, but running in desktop mode, it handles itself better than Windows 7 did, and especially where background processes are concerned. Windows 8 defrag appears to work as one would hope and maybe always thought that it did, Coming in and out of sleep or hibernation works better than Windows 7.

Get Windows 8 and let the old ones go. They had their time in the sun but there is better and it is called Windows 8/8.1..


Posted Wed, Nov 6 2013 10:48 by Mike Hall

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