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ATI graphics drivers for HD5000 and better will install an exceedingly annoying game enhancement addon called Raptr UNLESS you take the custom install route and UNCHECK it

Foxit Reader (good) is currently attaching Search Protect by Conduit (not good). Uncheck the option because it is a pest.

Java (marginal, but a necessary evil for far too many things) is attaching the Ask Toolbar and associated junk. Uncheck it if you value decent Internet searches.. . 

ImgBurn (Good), but you have to be on your toes to stop the unwanted stuff. Basically, uncheck anything that isn't for ImgBurn, and go for the custom install each time that it is offered to you to ensure that you get to uncheck and skip the junk.. 

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Speedfan is a great hardware monitor which can automatically control fan speeds, warn when temperatures are rising in the case, and do a SMART scan of your hard drives. A 'must have'.. 

Piriform Speccy tells you what is inside the box and with great accuracy..

Networx shows download/upload bandwidth used..

Piriform Recuva is probably the best file recovery utility around and is free too.. 

Treesize shows you what you have got, where it is, and how much space it is all using..

Windows 8 alternative start menus.. Classic Shell..

Stardock Start8..

Aomei Partition Assistant is the best free utility of its type..


You can fall through them, fly through them, and even walk through them in certain circumstances. Clouds offer little or no resistance. Will cyber clouds be any different?

Presently, we have some privacy in what we do on our computers. We can restrict access to our own hard drives by encryption and passwords, and nobody can get in. The same assurances are being made for storing our stuff in cyber clouds, but how do we know that our data will always be secure?

We must all be aware by now that stuff we upload to social networking and personal websites is there for all to see, and that our e-mail can be intercepted while ‘en route’. How do we know that the same will not happen to stuff uploaded to a cloud base? I am not suggesting that it will be on public display, but the technology exists to intercept whatever we send.

We take it as read that countries around the world do it, so why not ours? Because they say they will not? You trust them that much? If you have cloud computing in your plans, have you thought it all out enough?

I don’t do anything subversive and I am not a member of any community whose agenda is to do harm to anybody or anything, but I still don’t like the idea of my stuff being read by people to whom it is not directly addressed. Western Governments are getting more paranoid about ‘national security’ all of the time, and what we do is fast becoming fair game in the eyes of the paranoids. They have the power to make cloud storage companies turn over everything to them, and there would be little that we could do to get it stopped. And that assumes that we are told in reasonable time that measures like this will be taken.

It would be like having your diary or little black book being read ‘just in case’. Is that ok with you? Look at how many private medical records, bank details, military service, military installation details etc go missing or fall into the wrong hands each year.

Companies could lose R&D stuff, payroll, pension, sales and purchasing information. Private individuals stand to lose anything they have created, written or developed. There may be no privacy at all.

The great aspect about the Personal Computer as we know it today is that it is exactly that.. personal. I can sit down in my little space here and play a round of cards, shoot my way to victory in Delta Force Xtreme, write a poem or compile the family secret recipes and nobody will get access to any of it unless I choose.

It will stay that way too for as long as the requisite computer parts are available. If you want my stuff, you will have to ask because it will not be appearing in a cloud anytime soon.

Posted Tue, Jun 30 2009 16:00 by Mike Hall
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