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TFS Security In Deep 1
Sun, May 20 2007 8:20
Hi Folks, This Post is to identify Security Tips in TFS best Practices : 1) Implicit & Explicit Permission in TFS: When you try to manage Group Permission on TFS Server (Server Level or Project Level) you have 2 check boxes to allow/deny the permission... Read More...
Enable Process Template Editor in TFS
Wed, May 16 2007 2:57
Hi All, To work in Process Customization in TFS you have to install TFS Powet Tool then you can use TFS Process Template Editor. you can download TFS Template Editor from here : Read More...
TFS Power Tool
Wed, May 16 2007 2:23
Hi All, Microsfot has relased TFS Power Tools,this tool contasin alot of features and command line tools which is not available in the default TFS Installation of TFS Dvd. Read more about the features and tools provided on it : Read More...
Tester window in Team System
Mon, May 14 2007 2:50
Hi Folks, This post for QA (Quality Assurance) / Testers and developers,coz it highlights some important windows available in VS Team Edition for Tester / Team Suite. Tester has new windows to deal with Unit Tests,Load Tests,Manual Test..etc : 1) Test... Read More...
TFS Proxy Tips
Sun, May 13 2007 2:57
Hi Folks, This post is to highlight some Tips & Tricks in TFS Proxy server in Installation and administration : 1)TFS proxy server should be installed for every remote office for oyur development team. 2)TFS Proxy installation is different than TFS... Read More...
Delete Project from TFS
Wed, May 9 2007 3:08
Hi Folks, This post is to how can you delete a project from TFS ? 1) Open C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\Common7\IDE Folder 2) Open command line and open this path . 3) on the command line write the following command : TFSDeleteProject /server... Read More...
VSS Converter
Mon, May 7 2007 6:56
Hi Team System Guys, This post is to point that there is a cool tool called "VSS Converter GUI" which gives you a graphical representation of VSS Converter Command Tool which is used on your migration from VSS to TFS. Download this tool : http... Read More...
Extend your TFS Trial Version
Mon, May 7 2007 1:59
Hi Folks, Alot of people is asking for How Can they know when their TFS installation is being expired ? simply use this tool,to know when your version will be expired and how to extend it as well :) A dialog will appear and you need to press the "Check"... Read More...
Architect Terms in Visual Studio 2005
Wed, May 2 2007 4:12
Hi Folks; This post is for the architect who is working using VS 2005 for Architect Edition or Team Suite Edition. On of the Important Tools for Software / Infrastructure Architect is to use Logical Data Center in your solution to design your project... Read More...
BUG in VS 2003 with MSSCCI 1.2 Provider in TFS
Mon, Apr 30 2007 2:01
Dear All, I'd like to share with you a problem on VS 2003 ONLY and not in VS 2005. The bug as follows; if you install MSSCCI 1.2 Provider for TFS in VS 2003,you can't switch to VSS as a source control. This problem will affect you because you... Read More...
Download Team Explorer for VS 2003
Wed, Apr 25 2007 2:11
Hi Folks, If you have VS 2003 and you want to integrate with Team Foundation Server (TFS),simply download "Visual Studio Team Foundation Server MSSCCI Provider.msi" provider if you have one of those development environment : Instructions Download... Read More...
All About Team System
Wed, Apr 25 2007 1:54
Hi Folks, This post is all about the Visual Studio Team System,i want to inform all of you if you dont know that the new release of Team system "Rosario" will have alot of tools and fetures which make the developers more happy with the integrated... Read More...
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