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New Microsoft Forums
In case you missed it, the old Microsoft newsgroups are being replaced by the new Microsoft Web Forums . For Small Business Server (SBS), we have a single Small Business Server forum that will be used for SBS2003 and SBS2008 issues. So come on over and...
Posted: Wed, Jun 16 2010 18:39 by kwsupport | with no comments
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Why Small Businesses use Windows SBS?
Microsoft's Small Business Server (SBS) has been a mainstay of my business for 8 years, and it is what I propose and install for my clients. If you are interested in using SBS for your small business, be sure to read the following blog post entitled...
Posted: Thu, Sep 10 2009 12:41 by kwsupport | with no comments
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WHS & SBS: Approved for Backups
For more than a year I have been promoting the use of Windows Home Server as a local backup solution in a Small Business Server (SBS2003/SBS2008) environment (per these two blogs: blog1 , blog2 ). I already have WHS installed at most of my SBS customer...
SBS without Exchange?
I hear it all the time ... my customer wants an SBS server, but they don't want to use Exchange. I don't know about you, but the only reason I can think of why either the customer or the IT consultant would suggest not using Exchange is because...
SMB Nation 2009 - Alumni Early Bird
Are you planning to go to SMB Nation in Las Vegas this year? If so, and you've attended a past SMB Nation conference, the special "Alumni" registration fee of $499 ends on July 31, 2009. That's a 50% discount off the regular $999 registration...
Free Utility for Exchange Custom Filter
I've blogged previously about Exchange 2003 IMF (Intelligent Message Filter). One of the somewhat hidden features of Exchange 2003 and IMF is the ability to implement a custom weighting feature via an XML file. This feature first came out in IMF v2...
SBS, WHS and Backup Software
One of my mottos has always been: "You cannot have enough backup!". So, I am always investigating and testing backup software. When Microsoft first releasd Windows Home Server (WHS), I knew that this was a product I would be testing. Well, tonight...
Windows Mobile and DST
I can't believe it's 2009 and we still have issues with DST and calendar items! Several of us just discovered (here on Feb-10-2009) that an event we are entering for August 2009 in Outlook 2007 is showing up an hour earlier on our WM6.1 phones...
Calyptix and SBS
I've been install Calyptix AccessEnforcer units recently in several SBS shops, both SBS 2003 and SBS 2008. The AE is a fully featured network security appliance, and comes in various models to fit different size organizations. What I like about Calyptix...
ThirdTier Press Release
Two great friends and fellow MVP's - Amy Babinchak and Eriq Neale - have combined forces to start ThirdTier, a new business venture providing support to the IT professionals in the SMB marketplace. Here is their press release: Eriq Neale and I have...
Uninstalling ISA 2004 from SBS 2003
As you may know, SBS 2008 will be released on Nov 12, 2008. Migrating from SBS 2003 to SBS 2008 will require some work and planning. For sites running SBS 2003 Premium with ISA 2004, you have some additional prep work. You will need to uninstall ISA 2004...
Posted: Sun, Sep 7 2008 4:19 by kwsupport | with 1 comment(s)
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Windows Search 4 (WS4)
I never thought I would find myself recommending the Windows Desktop Search utility to anyone. But, perhaps with version 4, they finally are getting it right! The prior version (Windows Desktop Search 3) is now named Windows Search 4 . And this is from...
More on my TrendMicro WFBS Update
I upgraded my Trend CSM 3.6 to their new Worry-Fress Business Security (WFBS) Advance 5.0 solution for SBS, and like the hero from the movie The Rocketeer , I can say, "I like it!". Without even digging into all the new features, I can say that...
Trend Micro renames/enhances CSM
For those of you using Trend Micro's Clent Server Messaging (CSM) suite for your SBS servers, you should know that Trend Micro on June 2, 2008 recently rebranded the CSM product to "Worry-Free Business Security Advanced (WFBS)" and released...
SBS Community Survey
OK, folks, please take 3 minutes and respond to Microsoft's 3rd annual SBS Community Survey. This survey is all about the SBS community, where you find your support, what blogs you find useful, etc. Kevin Beares, who is doing this survey, has done...
Posted: Tue, May 27 2008 19:34 by kwsupport | with 1 comment(s)
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USB Drives and Slow Server
I know that there are plenty of posts that deal with issues related to external USB drives on servers, such as problems when rebooting the server, or the server acting strange when a USB drive is not removed properly. But until today, I had not encountered...
XP SP3 and MCE
As many know, Windows XP MCE by default does not allow you to join it to a domain. Variations of the infamous "Banana Hack" are available to allow MCE systems to join a domain. I posted about my experience here . What the banana hack does is...
No Telnet on Vista
This is for all you IT support people ... no, I don't have to use the 'telnet' command often, but when I do, I expect it to be there! So, lo and behold, I have an emergency issue with a client's SBS/Exchange server today, and I find that...
EBS Blog Site Up
The Windows Essential Business Server (EBS) Team Blog site is now up and running. What is EBS, you ask? Here are some possible answers: 1. EBS is SBS on steroids 2. EBS is SBS split across 3 or more servers 3. EBS is designed for a company with 25-250...
Posted: Wed, Mar 12 2008 19:23 by kwsupport | with no comments
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SBS2008 coming your way!
[Edited link] At long last Microsoft officially announced today (20-Feb-2008) the Windows Essential Server Solutions , which includes Windows Small Business Server 2008 (for up to 50 users), and Windows Essential Business Server 2008 (for up to 250 users...
Posted: Wed, Feb 20 2008 9:12 by kwsupport | with 3 comment(s)
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