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New Build of WLMD Available! Come and Get It!

The following message can also be found at WLMD team blog site:



Well, there's been a lot going on since last posting - so I wanted to take a
moment to make sure we keep you all up to date on the latest happenings.

New Build Available for download!

Of course the most exciting thing to mention is that we have a new build
available for your downloading pleasure!
In this new build you'll see some major improvements! Right off the bat,
the most noticeable change will likely be the updates we've made to our User
In addition to UI changes, here are just a few of the MANY improvements that
we've made:

-Lots of work on performance
-AutoDetect for adding email accounts
-Contacts and RSS management improvements
-New search folders for RSS and Newsgroups

Please grab it and give it a whirl! We're very anxious to hear what you
have to say!
And speaking of which.

Revamped Feedback Plan

Not too long ago, we blogged about ways to send feedback to the WLMd team.
Since then we've spent some time coming up with more comprehensive ways to
hear what you all have to say.

Support Site
Same spot as before! This is a great place to send any issues/bugs that you're
running into. Just go to this site and submit a ticket for any issue you
might be experiencing.

We have created a new NG (Microsoft.public.windows.live.mail.desktop) just
for WLMd that you can view both through newsreaders and through the web.
This is a great place to go and discuss your issues/suggestions with others,
and to filter through the posts to see if maybe someone else has hit the
same problems.

Help Links
In the latest build of WLMd, you'll see a couple new options for sending
feedback on WLMd through the Help option in the Toolbar.

Send Feedback (web) - Navigates to http://feedback.live.com/. Just search
through the list, find Windows Live Mail desktop, click on it - and send us

Send Feedback (email) - Launches a compose page with our team's internal
feedback alias.

Blog Comments
Well, it's been a good run - but I'm going to have to close down the
Comments feature for this Blog. You have all been sending so much feedback
through this site and it's been really hard to keep up! The feedback loops
that I've discussed above are much better ways for us to get the information
that you're sending and be able to filter it appropriately.

That's about it for now! Hope you all take the time to install the latest
build - and send us your thoughts!

Posted: Thu, Aug 17 2006 11:04 by kenlin | with 1 comment(s)
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Very nice site! Good work.

# February 28, 2007 4:48 PM