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[Day 1] Vista Training in SG

Arrive SG la. I use about 1 hour to get to the Arrival Exit from Aeroplane, I have to do the scanning on my package after the plane, interesting, SG security is higher than other country(including US). I then found no person to pick me up, i go around, from one end of airport to another end, and back to the first end again. Then I take a seat in the exit area to wait. Finally, someone come to me and ask if I am Ken Lin. She is just holding a A4 paper and writing my name in normal pen. How can I see it??? Anyway, I still have to wait for another half hour to get another one from other plane and then take the same car to hotel.
And then I check in to the hotel, arrive my room, WOOWOWOWO, so BIG, it is double size of the noraml room. And I have taken some photos. SO BIG.....it is VIP room. No wonder, when I check in, the hotel service man take me to the room(normally, they won't do it, just give you key and you go in your way). He even ask for my package and help me to hold it.
Anyway,I just found out that tonight. and Microsoft gave us SG$40 dollar on room Service. See if my room mate get anything to do or if my friends got anything to do. Otherwise, tonight sleep early. And my computer,.....the screen is .....dying again, have to offline la.


The Insider said:

KenLin talks of experiences at the Windows Vista Training in Singapore. This is pretty much...
# May 30, 2006 1:28 PM