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Microsoft Server Championship 2006

Last Sat, I help on MVP Booth in Microsoft Server Championship 2006. I took a lot of photos.
Here thanks to Andy Kwok, Daniel Lai, Nori Chan and Richard Wu. With their help , we have done well. We talk a lot about MVP in HK. And sure we got lovely Long shirt from helping this booth. Do you like it? And hope that there are more people know this Microsoft MVP program in HK. We are waiting to see more Microsoft MVPs in HK and get close together.
I talk about ebook on .NET 2.0 and MOC course materials with Nori Chan. And I do think that MOC for .NET2.0 is not a good material to learn it. I ask for the ebook from Nori Chan and hope  that I could get my upgrade path asap.
Peter Ty told me that my last blog about China, the editor is living in Japan and it might not be a good article about China this word. Well, I am not telling everyone that hte editor is correct or not, I am just giving a article that I got the result after searching. I also get some history information about this wording, sure there are lots of other explaination in the net. And which one is correct and which is not, this depends on what you think. As it is hard to find the REAL. From my point, I don't think that it is an insult wording. My point is, some Chinese word are really just get the 拼音 directly from English word. ie, Coke Cola(可口可樂), Coffee(咖啡)...etc
Finally the result of the Microsoft Server Championship 2006 is released, Daniel Lai and his team get second. But it is not his fault as someone in his team, know nothing about Server trusting(but that guy can get second from SBS/Server ... @@ ... Interesting...) . If Daniel Lai has formed a team with good player, He must won. As you know, noone can say first if Daniel Lai said he is second MOM/SMS Specialist in HK. I think he is in First 5 in the world tin ah....Anyway, He still get $5,000 from it........Oh....XBOX 360.....
In that morning, Daniel Lai has said that I can buy XBOX 360 too....Well, I think....only Tony know what I am being from my family. So....I can only say, Within this year, I have no chance to buy anything for my self, I don't even have money to buy just a 512 Mb Ram, You can see how poor I am being(althought he does not believe. And many does not too.). But this is not my fault. I also wanna do saving, but I am still have no chance to clear my balance. Every month I got new request from family, sometimes, I do wonder if my family's member think that I won a first prize from mark six? Anway I wish I can play XBOX 360 too....but....I don't even have chance to play XBOX(anyone who has XBOX and also XBOX360, please borrow me the old one).....Anyway.....I believe that tomorrow will be better(Sometimes I do feel....hopeless, being old and poor, youngers do not feel that, they have more life time do earn enough money).
After that I join the User Group's meeting, we also discuss about the web hosting, the seminars for the coming years, and the MSDN flash in HK. Hope we will be dding well in this coming year. And i hope that we could work closer and better together.
Suppose that I join my frd's birthday party after the meeting, however, i was too tired and I left at 11:30pm. After home, I go bath and sleep right away. So so so tired.
Posted: Fri, Mar 31 2006 6:12 by kenlin | with 5 comment(s)
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