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Olympic attachment?

Not only the Olympic games have started, but also the malware games related to the Olympics. One of the latest is that if you receive an attachment named as: "ioc_guidelines_for_persons_accredited_at_the_xxix_olympiad.pdf" then delete this immediately. If you open it then it could execute a malicious JavaScript that exploits a patched Adobe Reader vulnerability. And it follows to install a backdoor detected as BackDoor-DMG.

McAfee has named this one: "Exploit-PDF.b"; for more detailed information about it check this article: Exploit-PDF.b.



If you do not have Adobe Reader version 9 installed, then you can download it from the Adobe Download. Unfortunately it comes with Adobe AIR, which you can uninstall through Windows "Add/Remove Programs". Also, during the installation process you might want to uncheck the option to install the Google toolbar.