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Yes! I finally have my own wireless network. There were always two network cables on the floor to the two laptops. Now we have this configuration:
  • Dell desktop
  • Dell notebook
  • Toshiba Notebook
Now there's this Wireless-G Broadband Router Linksys Wireless-G Broadband Router
and two Wireless-G Notebook AdapterWireless-G Notebook Adapter from Linksys for both the notebooks.

Because of this I got very interested in the security of a wireless network. Didn't know anything about it but found some very interesting articles written by Barb Bowman, Microsoft MVP Networking. Articles Barb Bowman recently published was: How to Secure Your Wireless Home Network with Windows XP, Set up a secure wireless network using Windows Connect Now.

Two other articles I want to mention here are: WPA Wireless Security for Home Networks and an Expert Zone Support Webcast: How to set up WPA-based wireless security on a home network, where you can download the webcast and the the PowerPoint presentation and for this you'll need at least a PowerPoint Viewer.

This, and RTFM of the Linksys Wireless-G Broadband Router will make it easy to set up your first wireless network.

For more articles written by Barb Bowman see: Previous Columns by Barb Bowman.


Posted: Wed, Aug 10 2005 11:36 by jubo | with no comments
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